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Plot: Both Blue Marvel and Sinestro have been captured by a mysterious alien civilization and forced to fight for their survival. They are both transported to a abandoned dome and given there standard gear and are given detailed information on their opponents, they are each given 3 hours of prep for strategy only before the match.

Location: abandoned dome that is 2,000 feet wide and 2,000 tall. The combatants start 200 feet away

This is pre new 52 sinestro

This is current Blue Marvel

Standard gear

Morals off

ko elimination

speed blitzing off

bfr is off (the dome is impenetrable)

Who wins?

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with the majority here.Sinestro

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Blue Marvel's Anti-matter energy should deal with Sinestro's constructs.

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Thaal for the majority.

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Blue Marvel.

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@_Black said:

Thaal for the majority.


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I want blue marvel to win.

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@Army2442: I haven't seen anything incredibly impressive from Blue Marvel. An elite Lantern should win against him.

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blue marvel wud stomp sinestro out of existence