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Random encounter

Current verisons

Round 1: morals on

Round 2 : morals off

MM is not allowed to use telepathy and density shift but she can use telekinesis

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MM losing telepathy means no link up (only verbal communication) and no density shift takes away her tactical advantage. In my opinion, Wonder Girl could hold Super Boy long enough (despite the massive experience differential) that Blue Beetle could take advantage of MM's weakness to fire (which he knows about) and then BB and WG could double team Super Boy. And while insanely powerful, he isn't superman and couldn't take that combo 2v1. His only tactical advantage is flight, which is lost because both BB and WG can fly as well.

If you're still not convinced, remember that Black Beetle (who is, in theory, more or less the equal of blue beetle at his full potential) takes on the entire Young Justice League (including Super Boy) and kicks their ass. This means that the morals off round DEFINITELY goes to BB and WG. And, in my opinion, the morals on round does as well for the reasons stated above.

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Another BS match up,if you need to weaken megan to give jamie and cassie a shot here,then really you are saying they have no real shot against the super martian team.

Oh and the YJ superboy does not fly,he has only the golden age powers,and is easily the weakest versiion of superboy,now if you had the new 52 version of superboy in his place this would be no contest,same for if you didnt handicap megan.

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Doesn't really matter if MM has TP, BB could probably still take her.

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Team 1