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Random encounter neither team has prep time

morals on


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don't you mean "neither"? I'm going with team 1

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Lantern solos. Probably pretty easily.

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@Batman242: yes i do thanks

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BB or GL can solo.

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Hal Jordan solo's.

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I'm assuming this is New 52. Hal has fought Superman and Wonder Woman (lost but gave them a fight)...plus People stop comparing Iron man to Green Lantern. Green Lantern's can make anything any weapon Iron man has a lot but not everything not to mention Green Lantern's can make a lot more than weapons. Also nothing Iron man has can break his constructs...Only powerhouses can even if you increased iron man's weapons by 5 times the power it still wouldn't do anything. Yeah Iron man has Jarvis, but the Ring can tell him anything the guardians know, not to mention auto-shields and auto blasts. Anyways Green Lantern flies a lot faster not to mention he fights battles in deep space in which he also battles in intergalactic wars. So yeah stop people comparing Green Lantern to Iron man!

Here are some scans in the new 52 of Hal Jordan fighting Superman and Wonder Woman:

Hal solos easily pre or post new 52.

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New 52 Hal could solo in a decent fight. Pre 52 Hal could do this with ease.

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@CalebHara: Even in New 52 solos with ease.