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A typical New Genesis male who is physically fit versus an equally fit typical Czarnian male. Both bloodlusted. Both pre-Flashpoint. No BFR - a complete and utter KO counts as a win condition. Which alien and WHY?

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Your run of the mill New Genesean male is about a 25-40 tonner unless they OD on the PT like Lightray or Orion who are both well above this. Question: Did all Czarnians have Lobo-like stats? If so this a cool battle, but it would'nt last long as Lobo would be a closer physical match to Orion or Lightray than your basic soldier.

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New Geneseans weren't all about physical might.

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No doubt! Hmm... Well we've got a whole race of well trained warriors, some of whom have various mental and/or energy powers. If it comes down to versitility of attack and combat training, i'll go with the New Genesean. Those guys are on a constant state of alert due to the constant threat of an impending invasion from Apokolips and train accordingly. But if all Czarnians are Lobo's equal, he could possibly withstand the attacks he recieves and heal in an attempt to outlast/tire his opponent and then go for the kill later. I'm actually stumped here...

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They're not as ripped (obviously), but they share the same genetic traits.

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Then I may have to back the New Genesean warrior, because of the better training and/or the extra powerset the Fourth Worlder may be bringing with him to this fight. Not to mention the very real possibility of him being armed with a powerful weapon (they do love their weapons in the Fourth World after all)...

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Slightly off topic, but did you ever read about the time Superman visited Supertown for the first time? Nobody thought anything of him and they got pissed at him for interrupting their flight and telekinetic exercises because he thought they were in danger.

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Yeah lol! Sometimes ignorance is completely hilarious!! Talk about "A Yankee in King Arthur's Court" syndrome!