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No weapons for DD.

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Daredevil. Easily.

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no weapons this might be a bit much for DD

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DD with ease imo.

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with no weapons DD is ...dead dead . one good hit from a big fully grown grizzly's arm is enough to take down a man .

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A Grizzly Bear can't tag Daredevil. C'mon guys. This is a comic book character. Put 10 Bloodlusted Grizzly Bears and it'll be a fair battle.

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@mudcrab: cuz DD is gonna get hit? Comic character, dude, don't make us bust out feats for this. Ben Affleck DD could take a grizzly, this is nothing to the man w/o fear

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okay guys, so lets change the scenario to something more interesting, ...in the middle of the sea DD VS a Bloodlusted Great White Shark. DD is in the water his boat sank and his weapon was taken away by the waves.

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Jaws for the stomp.