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Blink (Age of Apocalypse) and Spider-man (Is current but has the Other stats/abilties)


Midnighter and Nemesis (Wildstorm versions)

  • Morals Off/Bloodlusted
  • Standard Gear (Nemesis cannot use her genetic grenades)
  • BFR is not allowed (Midnighter is allowed doors and Blink is allowed her portals but they are not allowed to BFR the opponent everything else is ok)
  • Both teams have knowledge on the other
  • Win by Death, KO or Incap


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A Good battle. For one though, I don't think Spider-Man being Back in Black is such a big advantage in physicality when compared to his base self, as the feats he performed while under the influence of the other are within those he has performed when he hasn't been amped. I would actually say this is a disadvantage if he has standard gear during the time he had Back in Black, rather than the Standard Horizon gear he carries now and lacks his mastery of the way of the spider.

So does Spider-Man have current gear and training, with the physicals of Back in Black.

Furthermore, what is Nemesis' durability like to penetrative forces- to say stingers, and her tolerance to poisons? The poisons from Spider-Man's stinger was enough to incapacitate a 30 tonner.

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@laflux: Sorry I should have been more specificity. This is current Spider-man (equipment, training etc..) with the Other physical stats.