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All out, no hold barred battle to the death.





  • Both characters have all current and past abilites from each game.
  • Sabrewulf is in his anounced KI 2013 form (he has regrown his "natural" arms through magical means), and through his lycanthropy has the ability to slightly buff up his speed and strength.
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@onilordasmodeus how good is he against electricity surging through his veins and possibly paralyzing him?

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Sabrewulf is an out of his mind, drugged up, beast. If might slow him for a bit, but it wouldn't finish him.

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Blanka is a somewhat mutated guy, who fights against people who shoot ki-energy, while Sabrewulf is a beast, who tosses around 1000 pound cyborgs, takes sword-slashes to the chest, competes with morphing alien-like creatures and also tanks punches, which can catapult him 100 meter in the sky.

What do you think who has the strenght and durability advantage in this fight? =P

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Sabrewulf should be able to win this. He's more feral, and aggressive, and since he has new arms which replaced his cybernetic arms from part 2, he should have at least some resistance due to the amount of pain it took him to get rid of the cybernetic arms, and then regrow them through dark magic. Also the bruises, stiches, and all that are on his arms would show that he's not new to the likes of Blanka's attacks.

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