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I go with Blade

Moon Knight use to deal with this Wolfman

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Blade will murder the wolfman.

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Well to be fair Moon Knight had super powers when he used to fight WWBN

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I'm going with Blade on this one.
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jack russel and since there is no info I assume is jack at his peak in fullmon and blade with no prep or weapons

this is a shit ass planned thread

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Why would Blade not have weapons. That's like saying Iron Man with no armor.

Also WBN does not even have any recent tests does he? Aren't all his rather old? Blade has silver on him regularly. He is as strong if not stronger. Possibly faster. And more experienced.

Jack gets put to sleep like Ol Yeller.

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haha blades as strong or stronger that WBN on average and the rest of his attributes are similar, but a better fighter. blade wins