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Movie Blade battles Uncle Bob (T-800 from T2, and not my Uncle Bob)

Round 1: No weapons. No prep. No prior knowledge.

Round 2: Blade gets his usual weaponry; Uncle Bob gets a shotgun. 20 minutes of prep.

Round 3: Blade gets his usual weapons; Uncle Bob has no weapons. 20 minutes of prep.

No morals. Who wins and why?

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Round 1. Blade easy. Better Fighting Skills. Better Speed. Less Durability but enough to Tank a few punches to remove 800's head for the win.

Round 2: Blade. Better Weapons. More ammo. Faster of the two. Healing factor. (Was shoot with a shot gun in Blade 2 wasn't injured later before getting Blood Bath.) Better Marksman. Well placed head shots for the win. Sword should they both run out of bullets.

Round 3: Blade for all the reasons above plus the added advantage of not ranged retaliation from 800.

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I can see this going either way but "Bob" more durability feats.

Hand to hand isn't going to beat Blade though.

For a moment I though you mean my actual Uncle Bomb and I was going to say Curbstomp...

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I thought this would be a closer match. I take it the T-1000 would destroy Blade, right?

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This battle has been done before. I didn't realize this when I made the battle. Usually I check, but perhaps I forgot this time.

Anyway, the basic consensus there was that the T-800 would defeat Blade.

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T-800 Stomps.

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I'd like a Link, because there is next to no reason I see for the t-800 to defeat Blade. Outside of it's durability, what advantages does it have? Maybe Slight in strenght?@JohnnyZ256


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@JohnnyZ256: yeah, they didn't debate at all. Blade has done more than enough to defeat the t-800. Especially if this is comic blade. Movie Blade could still get it done. After his fight with Drake, he proved his over all durability .

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It's stated that it's movie Blade. Still, Blade is not as strong as the T-800 or as durable.

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He is strong enough to damage him, especially if he's using his sword. He's certainly the faster of the two and the the better fighter. Better with the gun's too.