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This looks to be a good one. I like both of them, but I gotta give it to Blade. What does everyone else think?

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its a curb stomp the punisher cant touch blade.

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Blade. He outclasses Punisher in every category, but more importantly, he's a jazz trumpeter. And Punisher can't touch that.

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Blade heals.

Punisher doesn't.

Scratches another victory for Blade, does little happy dance, and leaves thread

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Frank gets owned.

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if punisher is hunting blade he should gather enough info to have a chance... if blade is hunting the punisher then the punisher is f^@ked

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good idea for a fight... blade wins.

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@Static Shock:
Blade wins, he is stronger, faster, and far too durable, he's reacted to Spitfire's speedblitz, and he's been completley unharmed after he was stabbed by his own Adamantiunm sword, btw it was in his chest, he has also ripped a vampires head off with his bare hands, anyway, Blade wins
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Blade ftw

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@PirateKing69 said:
" Blade ftw "
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Why did I make this curbstomp battle...?
Guess everyone has their noob moments.

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@Static Shock: Edit the OP and give the Punisher some prep and info. Make it interesting. Blade's one weakness.........a belt's worth of '60 rounds haha.