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Both with standard gear. Chance encounter. Neither has any prior knowledge of the other.

Half human/half vampire, or half human/half robot?

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I'm going with Robocop. RC showed to withstand alot more damage than blade has. RC has metal surrounding him. ( which protects him. ) he also has a gun that will kill blade.

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blade stomps.he is too fast for robocop, and may be stronger. robocop's movements are too slow even for a human. in robocop 3, he fought robot assasins and got stomped

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@supercharger: Robocop has a gun, but Blade has his own weapons.

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No way in hell does Robocop pull a win from this.

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Robocop wins. He is on par with Batman and Chuck Norris with 90's fandom. Especially war model. Murphy kills terminators like kids eat playdo: