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Round 1 - Movie Versions

Round 2 - Comic Versions

- Standard Gear

- Random Encounter

- Morals Off

- Fight is in vacant Hall of Justice

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This is close in both fights. I think I'm leaning towards Dredd in both though.

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I say Judge Dredd movie version, Blade comic version.,

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Blade after a good fight.

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Gotta go with Dredd on this.

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Probably a Dredd for movie version. Comic versions, not to sure.

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I think Blade edges a win here.

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Movie version Dredd.... Comic, I have almost 0 knowledge about Blade's comic... so I can't post an opinion.

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dredd's gun gives him a win

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@nerdork said:

Gotta go with Dredd on this.

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dredd's gun gives him a win

In the movie versions, I'm agreeing with this. That gun is super busted. It should not be able to do those things.

Comics, Blade stomps him. I don't even think it's a close match up.

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Movie Version: I'd give the win to Dredd. While Blade isn't a slouch Dredd was more ruthless, accurate and a somewhat better tactician.

Comic Version: Blade would smash Dredd. He is way faster and way stronger than Dredd is. Also his hf is better in the comics than they portray in the films.