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While out picking up young mutants to bring back to Utopia, Blade Ambushes Cyclops. Blade believes that Cyclops is in league with Dracula after his plan to revive him ultimately ended with Dracula forming the Vampire nation. For this, Blade is targeting Scott as if he was a vampire himself.

The Ambush takes place on back roads that lead to a secure landing area. It's 3:45 am and a full moon. After a chase, Cyclops find himself and his team here.

Cyclops estimates that the team is 8 minutes ahead of Blade though he cannot determine which side he will be coming from. The X men will be using standard gear. Scott will have his Ruby Quartz, X suit and Jeans picture in his back pocket. X-23 was picked up by Scott. She will be in her X Force uniform. Primal was also picked up by Scott. He will be wearing a traditional black and yellow X uniform. From working with him, Blade has full knowledge of Cyclops and his powers. From encounters with wolverine, shield files and M-13 files, Blade has understanding of X-23 and her powers. Blade does know that Primal is with the X men, however he has no information on his mutant abilities.

Blade has his Trench Coal. Adamantum Sword. Two 9 mil Hand guns. 4 Spar mags on his left leg. 4 silver spikes on his right leg. One Glaive. (Edged Boomerang.)

Win Conditions.

Team: Blade is killed. Blade is K.O. Blade is K.O'ed and younger X men escape.

Blade: Team is killed. Scott is killed. young mutants are K.O'd and Scott is killed. Young mutants escape and Scott is Killed.

Who takes it.


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