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@endianprime: Dude. should have tagged me. I'd have responded much sooner. I don't have scans with me at work. I'll try to remember to do this when I stop by my house after work.

I'll post scan's because I don't know issue numbers of f the top of my head, but notable people that have harmed Blade are Wolverine with his claws and Dracula both known for their superhuman strength levels. I do know know the make up of the sword Darcula used. I believe it was blades which would suggest it was the acid etiched adamantium sword. We all know the deal with Wolverines claws. It should be noted that Blade was fine moments later from being impaled by that sword. I'll post scans later like I said.

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The materials comprising Rayne's blades are not stated. Doesn't mean much as she's used them to tear through humans, vampires, mutant zombies, large beasts and even cut into a vampiric god. Nvm tearing into Kagan and decapitating him.

Rayne increases her strength and attack force by several magnitudes using her Vampiric Rage which seems to coat in some form of Blood Aura. It has two stages; Blood Rage and Blood Fury. Blood Fury is several times stronger and far more effective when dealing with larger enemies like the Foreman (15ft vampire monstrosities wielding a 500lb hammer single-handed).

Also it seems there was a 3rd BloodRayne game that I wasn't aware of called "BloodRayne: Betrayal". Which appears to be an action heavy side-scroller, very bloody too and reminisce of older style Castlevania games. And it's a toss up as to whether the game is even canon with the first two.

Anyway, as mention of bullet speed or the like. 1500ft/s is roughly under 1100mph, so about Mach 1.3 or around there. Slight super-sonic bullets. Things Rayne can dodge normally. Rayne has Ghost Feed which can work on Blade if he gets caught with it. Just means she can keep fighting while feeding at the same time. Enthrall won't work on him though.

She also has a mystical sight called Aura Vision which enables her to see living enemies through obstacles as well as mystical sources, like vampire gates and such. Berial's Eye is like telescopic vision. There is also Blood Storm which basically makes like a destructive vortex of blood around her that damages, destroys and/or kills anything around her (only like a 15-20ft radius though)

As far as how Super Speed and Freeze Time work, gotta remember that was out in 2004. Developers are still trying to get physics right in games so why she jumps the same whether in normal or super speed isn't that big a deal. And regardless it was a fun game.

And then the Carpathian Dragons. Different weapon modes for it. Standard are like pistols. Next is Blood Stream which is like machine-gun mode. Blood Spray is like shotgun blasts from them. Next is Blood Bomb which actually shoots an explosive glob of blood onto a target that detonates after a few seconds, blowing the body to pieces. Think there's one or two more for the Dragons. One of which is like Napalm blasts.

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sorry about the late response. I didn't see the forum gained a new page until now. I would like to see the scans that would be pretty bad ass. well here's where I stand with this at this point. I don't know who'd win but I know I'd want tickets. I only cared enough because the votes were going so lopsided and it sucks seeing a good character being downplayed so hard. likely because of uwe boll's crap films. I think i'll still post a few findings I came to when I get a chance but all and all I'm content. I didn't need to hear the world say Rayne would win. I needed to see her properly represented. truth is I think I'd have been just as mad if every one was saying Rayne would win and not giving Blade his due. that is of course if I knew comic book Blade at all. movie blade would lose horribly but he didn't have much going for him in the movies. although movie blade v.s. movie rayne would look something like an angry red headed step child trying to have a slap fight with her abusive adoptive father who once taught Tony Ja how to fight.

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Out of curiously, but isn't Rayne a Dhampir and if so correct me if I'm wrong, but they don't have the weaknesses of Vampire's such as sunlight.

Anyway as for this fight. I'm uncertain. I guess a stalemate, since they seem pretty even.

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@BatmanFan11: Depends on what series they are from. Blade is immune to sunlight, period. IIRC, Rayne isn't.

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Rayne wins firmly. I played 2 (oh my god it was the hardest game I've ever played) but I got a look at her. Even with lower-level powers she is an absolute beast. Her speed and healing will be too much for Blizzade.

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@joygirl said:

Rayne wins firmly. I played 2 (oh my god it was the hardest game I've ever played) but I got a look at her. Even with lower-level powers she is an absolute beast. Her speed and healing will be too much for Blizzade.

How fast is she exactly? Blade is no slouch himself

Blade blocks gunfire with a chain, evades lasers, and cuts a vampire in half 7 times, then sheathes his Blade before the vamp even begins falling apart.

Blade's also fully capable of fighting foes significantly faster than him. He fights with Spitfire who.. sort of looks like a low-level speedster.

He also, while holding back, incaps a vampire Spider-Man.

Healing and durability-wise Blade is pretty good.

He blows up a building he is inside of intentionally, and comes out of it fine. In the last two scans he is impaled by Dracula, but heals relatively quickly. So he's pretty good with blunt force and piercing.

There's other stuff like him surviving heli-carrier crashes, and healing from being shot (no kevlar) in no time.

Sorry for the scan dump, but I figured someone needs to make a good case for Blade.

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wow that is an excellent post with all the references and proof to back it up, you sir are the shit but its time to finish this once and for all. I'm taking this forum to the experts and I'm requesting that Wizard and Boomstick of death battle put who's the baddest dhampire to rest. that's right Boomstick and Wizard your names as experts has been called in and put on the line. time to finish this fight!

a few thoughts on the various blade comments above.

blocking bullets with a chain is pretty damn impressive dodging a laser however gets cut in 1 of 2 ways. either he can dodge at faster than light speeds or when the guy pulled the trigger blade had already moved out of the way of the shot thus being faster than his opponents accuracy.

taking out a vamp spider-man however is pretty damn absurd.

the healing and durability is definitively going to play a factor. Rayne was in an explosion too but it rendered her unconscious for a short while. although it seems like she was in others she survived.

final thoughts on this post:

a big thanks to every one who made logical arguments for blade or rayne

an apology for losing my head early into my activity on the post

and lastly if blade wins the fight according to the Death Battle or anywhere else that's cool with me I just wanted to see Rayne get her due. prior to my arrival there didn't seem to much in her defense. although to be fair if this were a video game site I bet it would have been the other way around.

well this has been real fun debating these two fictional bad asses especially when my friend is playing the auto-tune "ain't nobody got time for that" to me for doing half the research I did on Rayne's freeze time ability alone. however for now I'll keep my finger crossed that the guys of Death Battle work this out.

p.s. this forum is how I found out about Death Battle. I was going to do the research on Blade, come to a conclusion for the fight and then animate it in poser. I may still do that someday but we'll see.

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I think Blood Rayne wins. Blade may be stronger, but not faster or as agile as this Vamp chick. plus her skill with her custom weapons would pwn. Her healing is also just as good too.

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How fast is Rayne, exactly?

Also Rayne's weapons look unwieldy

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@blackwind: Rayne was dancing between machinegun fire in WW2 when tearing through Nazis. She is super-fast which is demonstrated in her in-game abilities. She can go from altering her perceptions, to outright super-speed and tops it off by decelerating time around herself. Basically she can slow time to the point everything almost stops.

Her armblades may seem unwieldly, but she makes extremely effective use of them and has hacked peoples bodies to pieces rather quickly with exquisite agility and flexibility. She's taken out cultists, super-soldiers, vampires of all makes and even giant monsters. Even a vampiric demigod in the form of Belial.

Also, Rayne's special abilities allow her to augment not only her strength and speed by degrees, but the striking and cutting force of her weapons. Not only are her blades a serious threat, but her handguns, the Carpathian Dragons, make Blades entire arsenal obsolete. These alchemic weapons are vampiric in nature and yet designed to be anti-vampire weapons to be used by dhampir.

The Dragons can fire volatile projectiles made of blood more dangerous than real bullets and have multiple modes of fire. From standard semi-automatic, to fully automatic rapid fire. As well as shotgun type blasts, explosive flame rounds and exploding blood bombs that causes the target struck by it to explode violently after several seconds.

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well raynes speed is in debate her actual power seems to be to slow time down. I'll re-post my conclusion as to how much she can slow time down and how I came to the conclusion:

how fast is rayne?

possibly not fast at all. when rayne is moving at superspeeds she jumps and lands back on the ground as if regular gravity were affecting her. if she were moving super fast then the energy she would need to jump at the same speeds would carry her practically into orbit. if instead the power is that she is slowing down time then she would have to be doing it to everything but herself. which is exactly what seems to be happening so how much can rayne slow down time?

141.666 times slower than its regular pace.

how do we know

the villians use automag IVs which use 2 types of bullets, the 45 cal. and the 10 mil.. the 10 mil. is rather uncommon and hoards of goons have them. I just don't see the cult of kagan giving 2 shits about the difference of a 10 mil or a 45 so they probably got their hands on what ever was easier. that being said the 45 round the gun fires has a speed of 1200 feet per second. using a tiled room and getting one of the baddies to take a few straight shots we seen how long it would take for the bullet to cross 10 ft.

normally a bullet moving 1200 ft per second would take .008333 seconds to move 10 ft.

it was now taking 17.

10 10

-- --

17 .008333

= 141.666

to be certain that we got a more accurate number because the test was not perfect we timed 4 bullets in this way and got the following results. the easiest average was to say 17.





but what if the bullet was the 10 mil round?

well that has a speed of 1500 ft per sec so rayne is moving even faster.

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this stuff is all very helpful do you possibly have the next 3 pages after blade is impaled by dracula. also a few scans depicting his greatest moments of strength would be helpful, actually there's a small list of similar depictions which would be helpful, if any one can upload them that'd be great.

speed - if any one has a better example of his speed than the current one which is the ability to block bullets. wiki: "Blade is capable of running and moving at speeds greater than even the finest human athlete."

strength - a few scans of his greatest feats of strength. wiki states "Blade is supernaturally strong and is capable of lifting about 1 ton."

durability - its very unlikely but if anyone has a better example of blade durability than the explosion posted above that would be helpful.

agility - this one could be tricky but if anyone can get a few scans of blade's agility. wiki: "Blade's agility, balance and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete."

healing factor - this is pretty important. his wiki currently states: "Blade is capable of healing from severe slashes and puncture wounds within a matter of hours. However, he is not able to regenerate missing limbs or organs."

acute senses - I don't exactly need scans on this one but can anyone confirm if this wiki posting is accurate and if not then perhaps provide a few scans and say what it got wrong. wiki: "Blade's sense of sight and hearing are heightend to levels comparable to those possessed by true vampires. He is capable of seeing objects with perfect clarity at much greater distances than an ordinary human. He retains this same level of clarity even in near-total darkness. Blade's hearing is similarly enhanced, allowing him to detect sounds that an ordinary human can't and to be able to hear sounds an ordinary human can, but at greater distances. Blade is also able to sense the presence of supernatural beings or forces, whereas an ordinary human would be oblivious to them."

also on the wiki blade is stated as being a master of nearly countless martial arts styles. does anyone have a disagreement with the following statement?

"Blade is a master Martial Artist.He has mastered hapkido,taekwondo,various styles of kung-fu,capoeira,shotokan,wing-chun,escrima,silat,shaolin kung-fu,kenjutsu,tum pai,and is a perfect street fighter. .perfect in practically every form of weapon known to man. His particular specialty is the use of edged weapons, be they teakwood daggers or swords. Blade is a master in the use of small bladed weapons and can hurl knives with great accuracy. Blade also shows great skill with firearms, including both automatic and semi-automatic, which he often modifies to fire hollow-point, garlic-filled silver bullets. He is also a skilled jazz trumpeter."

also his personality comes into question. can anyone describe his basic personality?

I may need more but for now this is very helpful. as a final thought does anyone know an uber blade comic buff. someone that either owns or desperately wants to own all the blade comics. someone obsessed with the character because getting them on this forum for information could be very helpful. thanks again guys.

...god I need a fucking life...