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In a recent battle thread, the majority had Blackheart defeating Darkseid [which I just couldn't believe], so I thought I'd up the ante since we all agree Thanos would defeat Darkseid [or at least the majority thinks so].

So who would win?

Blackheart or Thanos?

[And no, I didn't say Thanos has the infinity gauntlet, pay attention.] :)

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No takers?

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i'll say thanos, he outsmarted mephisto on 2 or 3 acounts. plus when was the last time blackheart threaten existence. even with out the infinity gauntlet thanos is a threatto most of the marvel universe lot like Dr. Doom.

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Thanos wins.

He is almost aways has a plan and then 3 fall back plans should the first 1 fail.

His own personal power level is such that only the strongest of opponents can stand against him.

And he will have detailed info on Blackheart - weaknesses and the like, to ensure his eventual victory.

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Thanos, but i think Darkseid takes BH too

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I agree.

Thanos ftw.

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