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Blackheart has ended up in the world of DC, he now strives to take over the earth and plunge it into his own personal hell. *Obligatory Evil Laughter*

Unfortunately some heroes and villains are in his way, how does he fair?

- Standard 616 Blackheart, all abilities, magic and skills available

- Bloodlust On

- Win by Death/KO only.

- Blackheart Fully recovers completely every round.

- Starts 50ft away from his opponents.

- Blackheart is aware of his opponents powers, but not there personality.

- Blackheart has a days prep before starting the Gauntlet

All opponents are aware there is a threat but otherwise have no knowledge of Blackheart or prep. They have standard gear unless specified. Opponents remain in character.

1. Clayface (Karlo) & Joker - Abandoned Warehouse (No civilians)

2. Green Arrow, Nightwing & Batman - Outside the Iceberg Lounge (The Penguin is watching but not involved in the fight)

3. Cyborg - Deserted Highway (No Civilians)

4. Green Lantern (John Stewart) - A Large Forest with normal wildlife.

5. Wonder Woman & Aquaman - Harbour with lots of Boats (Civilians are in the area)

6. Captain Cold and Mirror Master - Keystone City Prison (Normal Inmates & guards)

7. Lex Luthor (Battlesuit) & Sinestro - Outskirts of Metropolis (Daily Planet Journalists are reporting via helicopter)

8. Superman - Metropolis City Centre (Civilians are around but trying to hide)

9. Gorilla Grodd, Mr Freeze, Weather Wizard, Doctor Polaris, Larfleeze & Maxwell Lord - Ruined European Style Castle Rampart

10. The Flash (Wally West) - Ruined Keystone City in Flames

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Stops at 6.

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@NeonGameWave: why do you say that?

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@Hyperlight: I don`t think Black Heart will be able to get passed Mirror Master and his powers, but Captain Cold is a non factor. However due to having knowledge and prep he could probably find a way to counter Mirror Master`s powers but it won`t be easy as it also depends on the location within the surroundings of Keystone Prison.

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@NeonGameWave: i understand but MM hasno way of killing Blackheart either. at the most he could trap him. but i blackheart could find a way out or something

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@MirageJester: please tell me why flash is 10,only here on comicvine

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@Hyperlight: Good point but its not a guarantee that Black Heart would find his way out of the trap.

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@NeonGameWave: but dont the parameters of the fight include KO or death?

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@Hyperlight: Yes. But Black Heart can`t get to Mirror Master so probably it would end as a stalemate.

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@NeonGameWave: true... but blackheart is much more likely to escape and kill MM than MM to capture and kill Blackheart

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He steals all their souls...Blackheart rivals Mephisto in power. This thread is spite. He can't be killed by their conventional means and actively warp reality to suit his needs.

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@Hyperlight: Good point. But Is there any evidence in regards to his powers that suggest that he would be able to escape?

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Clears it.