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SCENARIO: Sam Fisher is assigned to retrieve vital intel from a contact in the Pentagon (US Department of Defense, Virginia). Upon approaching the main room via window, Sam sees a woman (Black Widow) shoot his contact with a silenced pistol. Fisher quickly makes the decision to interrogate her as a desperate attempt for answers. Though instead of jumping through the window and risking the alarms to be triggered, he manages to keep track of her where abouts until they both reach a safe distance from law enforcements. Sam reveals himself and they both open conflict.

LOCATION: A small abandoned apartment.

Fight Conditions:

  • Both participants are unarmed (as Sam could not use leathal force and Black Widow tossed her gun away).
  • Black Widow has morals off and is determined to keep the information classified by any means necessary.
  • Sam Fisher is bloodlusted but with morals on, he needs the information but will kill if life depends on it.

Fight Rounds:

  1. Round One: Movie Black Widow.
  2. Round Two: Comic Black Widow.


For Black Widow..: Wins by kill, or KO.

For Sam Fisher..: Wins by KO, or opponent surrender.

BONUS: Who is a better spy?