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- Battlefield: Bangkok (populated)

- In character

- No special equipment

- One day prep

- Fight to death

- Not Phoenix-clops.

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Probably Black Tarantula. Scotts Morals are on so he won't risk a big shot and what with Carlos being able to keep pace with Spider-man he should close in on Cyclops pretty quick and as soon as this reaches close combat its pretty much over for Cyke.

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Wouldn't a day of prep favor cyclops a bit much? Doesn't he have way better resources?

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Not much of difference really, but whatever.

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Not to mention that this is spite. Black Tarantula is better in virtually every way. He even has a ranged attack to match Scott's.

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Black Tarantula

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Black Tarantula wins

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With no equipment allowed I don't see the point of prep. Realistically Scott's got this in the bag, dudes owns a jetpack.

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Can someone show me these agility feats for black tarantula? I rarely see him dodge attacks...He doesn't strike as that agile.

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I'm not too keen on BT, but I'll see what I can come up with. Giving Scott a days prep to strategize and learn things about BT is definitely a ball in his court type of move. He literally came up with over 40 plans to deal with Kuurth alone. Scott's always analyzing things on the fly so to speak and that just furthers his stategic abilities. He knows he will be out classed physically, knows this will be a death match and knows he can't risk messing up. The main problem I see is that you made it populated. Scott isn't a killer by nature and doesn't indulge in doing so. He isn't out to risk innocent lives, but if he has to kill Carlos he will. He has to somehow play crowd control to get a clear shot (he's tagged pretty agile and quick people before, Wolverine, Northstar, Quicksilver etc) or a wide shot if this guy is boasting Spider-Man level speed to greatly limit his possibility of dodging. Or he has to make a bunch of quick calculate ricochet shots to knock him or stun him long that he can go for a killing blow. He would need the benefit of surveying the area though as to get that clear shot so he doesn't kill any innocents. I may be reaching a bit on this but he has quick ways to do so there a la Magik's teleporting him there so he knows where he is fighting and in what conditions or he has Emma telepathically control someone that lives near the location and Scott looks through his eyes or she possibly astral projects his form there to scan or her form there then she just telepathically gives Cyclops the "blueprints" of the area she just saw and Scott formulates his own plan then. Or Danger goes satellite mode and views the area then shows Scott what she found. I may be reaching a bit on these last few points, but it's possible depending on what prep you are allowing. I'm not saying Scott wins this though.

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Leaning towards Cyclops. Tarantula has beaten the crap out of Spider-Man, but I can't recall him ever showing off high levels of agility or dodging speed.

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I think I can agree with Scott getting battlefield blueprints if he wants to take time with that. He's a bit of an underdog so the prep was to give him an edge.

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BT...... since no special equipment is allowed

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