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Black Panther
Round 1: H2H combat. 

Round 2: Standard Gear. 
Versions are Classic. 
Winning Methods: K.O., Death, Incapacitation.  
Both start twenty-three apart.
No Prep. 
Morals are on for BP. Morals are off for Shatterstar. 
Who's got this?
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Bp,he is not afraid to kill,and has better gear,and combat skills

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The Panther who is Black wins.

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@maesterwar said:

The Panther who is Black wins.

Lol...agreed...for both rounds.

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black panther both rounds

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Black Panther.

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@Nefarious said:

Black Panther.
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Classic Black Panther did not have a vibranium suit, or mystic knives.

Shatterstar outclasses him in strength and is about the same when it comes to agility and reaction.

However Shatterstar with no morals, not that he had many in the first place, is more than willing to injure himself to get a kill. He has stabbed himself through the chest more than once to kill someone behind him. Also he has his last ditch vibratory blasts. Classic Shatterstar's swords are also very easily capable of cutting through any defense BP might have. However BP is more skilled.

I would call it 50/50, and if Shatterstar was written by someone other than the hack Rob "what proportion" Liefeld he would be a much better character.

Armed I give it 50/50

the unarmed round goes to BP, Shatterstar is more a swordsman than a marital artist.