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Who wins with Prep time?

Batman #636
Battlefield: Gotham City. No prep. Morals off. Death for the win. Both have their henchmen. Who wins? 
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Probably Black Mask.

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Sionis. What has Shark ever done besides piss in the shower?

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Great White sharks since they're real and Black Mask isnt.

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Haha Shark looks like a hairless, flat faced monkey.

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It is full-bodied, but I think if the two opponents come to a fight corp to corp white shark would have won, it would have probably bitten her arm with his sharp and well cut tooth, which would seriously injure black mask (and would have done whining).

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Roman Sionis Black Mask or Jeremiah Arkham?

I think Roman would win, though a great White would probably get a chunk of flesh out of him.

Arkham loses, Warren would go Waylon joke. (Only true batnerds will get that.)

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Good question, actually.

Black Mask is one of the most competent gangster in town. He's fierce, clever, know how to run a criminal empire, and is even really good in close fight and handling guns. But he is clearly too impetuous and his madness is often taking the best of him,where the GWS has proven he is really cautious and okay with his evil personna. He could easily plan something before the fight.

All in all, I would say Roman.

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Black Mask.

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Black Mask.

If he needs to, he could get the ENTIRE False Face Society and take out GWS and his people.

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GWS hasn't really ever done anything that threatening to my knowledge whereas Roman has taken control of most of the Gotham criminal empire.