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Fight takes place in a metal cage with some large crates and boxes.

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If Spidey can dodge long enough then he might win,but considering the venue Black Lightning has the better chance IMO.

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Huh. Spider-Man has a lot of experience fighting Electro. And his webbing is insulated against electricity.

I think Spidey has a good chance of winning this, based on experience. Plus, you know, he's strong enough to escape a metal cage.

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Black Lightning is different from the dumb, pride-filled, loudmouth villains and goons that Spider-Man deals with on a regular basis.

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But is going to try to escape right away?He doesn't know Black's capabilities,he isn't just another Electro.

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If it's in a metal cage, then I'd give it to Black Lightning. He could electrocute the whole cage, making it easier for himself.

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Remember Lightning also has the ability to make a solid sheild so spidermans webs might not always suceed against him

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Black Lightning would win this fight against Spider-Man simply because the enviorment they are in give Black Lightning the easy advanatage.

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Also, make the cage a non-conductor material or just remove it because that's just making it spite. If it wasn't metal or there wasn't a cage at all spidy would win.

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@jojjimbo said:


Awesome avatar is awesome

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See here's the problem. You remove the cage and every uneducated fanboy will be like Spidey stomps.

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BL wins

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Black Lightning and pretty easily...Spidey got stomped when Electro went all out and was a pure energy being, BL can do something quite similar as well as put out such amounts of power as he did in his fight with Geo Force.

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Someone compared Black Lightning to Electro and I can assure you that he is atleast tripple times stronger than him. He doesn't have any of the weaknesses he has also he can do many more things with his powers than electro could only imagine. I'll give it to Black Lightning with or without the cage.

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In a metal cage? Spidey won't have much room to move around. Also, if Jeff does that thunder dome he did against Geo Force, Pete is getting hit.

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Spidey get's burned..

Seriously he is more of an fight to Iron man