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This should be interesting...

Green Lantern John Stewart faces off against Black Lightning. John is post DCnU, while Black Lightning is pre-DCnU. In laymen's terms, this is the same Jefferson that fought Geo-Force. Here are the conditions:

Both fighters are bloodlusted.

They start off 50 feet in the air and 50 feet apart.

John has a 100 percent charge on his ring.

They're in Metropolis.

No BFR: win is by incapacitation or K.O.

Who takes it?

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Black lightning is cool and I like him more than john gl but I don't see him winning ever I think this is a mismatch.

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John Stewart wins.

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John Stewart.

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What does BL have that could possibly hurt GL john

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Black Lightning takes it.

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Bloodlusted John wins easily.

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JS wins this encounter imo by playing it smart & doing wot he does best & taking out BL from a distance.

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@KINGJAMES447 said:


and correct.

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GL could just absorb the lightning attacks against him.

John wins.

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John Stewart.

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John Should win this. While Black Lightning is quite powerful, he is not on the level of a Lantern.

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@CalebHara said:

Black Lightning takes it.

any reasons???

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John Stewart ftw