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Black Hood and Punisher V Batman and Daredevil

Black hood is MLJ SA/BA version has his hood cycle and standard gear. Limited to only one full reload for the pepper box but ( to keep it some what fair) unlimited ammo for his Luggers

Castle has Two M60's and a hand gun plus knives etc.

Bats and DD have standard gear but no access to Batcave or Bat vehicles.

Impromptu encounter begins 80 meters apart in a city suburb with plenty of alleys.

Standard morals apply for all

Bat's is Pre Flashpoint

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I don't see Punisher doing to much & know nothing on Black Hood. ¯\(°_o)/¯

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Black hood is basically a "Punisher style" hero from MLJ ( Archie) comics. He was a cop who wears a "utility vest"( bike Jacket) loaded weapons made by a weapon designer friend. The Jacket doubles as a bullet proof vest and his bike helmet was likewise bullet proof. Amongst his weapons are a hand gun called a pepper box. It can fire explosive grenades, gas grenades Armor piercing shells and more. It can fire one at a time or all six shots at once. His Hood cycle is equipped with blasters and rockets that can make him airborne ( for the purpose of the battle no flight though, I forgot that). Like Castle his preference is to simply kill the bad guys and not waist time and energy capturing them. In the current on line revival of MLJ Crusaders he as well as Hangman and another old hero are serving time for their crimes when the young crusaders get caught in a fight with convicts and are getting hammered and they come to their rescue. His specially made Luggers also have three types of ammo

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Punisher with morals likely wont last long. He pulls his shots against heroes usually and the daredevil & batman are better melee fighters. How good is black hoods accuracy?