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@bright_blade: I say let Black Cat become Daredevil's permanent partner in exchange for the Black Widow hanging out with Spidey in a guest spot, which is long overdue between them, along with Spider-Woman.

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Black Widow.

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@the_stegman: its so they can get some ventalation in that skintight latex. shut up, my statement makes sense

anyways, Black Cat could win if they were running over rooftops in the city, but the roof of a Starbucks is pretty flat and low, so I'm giving this to Widow for her more combat-based skill/equipment set

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Black Cat

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@Illuminatus said:

@Bright_Blade said:

Black Widow got one shotted by Daredevil. Black Cat knocks her around like a ball of yarn.

Provide scans.


I don't think this scan is even canon for this situation... First, Daredevil was somewhat bloodlusted, Natasha wasn't trying to fight him and had to protect the baby... Her kick was just a reflex for trying to protect the baby...

Black Cat doesn't have the H2H feats needed to beat Black Widow, the only reason she would win this fight is by her luck powers

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Black Cat via luck power. Black Widow would miraculously break her neck while doing nothing.

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H2H wise, Black Cat was able to beat Sabretooth, and give Spider-Man a hard time, so she's a no-joke.