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Round 1 : Abandoned Attilan

The first battle takes place in the Inhuman City of Attilan after the Event. Given that many Inhumans are above limits, they were spirited away leaving Attilan without much of its leadership and command crew. This left Attilan drifting through deep space. Over time its power reserves began draining leading to shutdown of non-critical systems. Only Life Support and Gravity are still running but not without their drawbacks. Life Support systems were left in Rain Storm Mode leading to parts of the city being flooded while Gravity was left on Moon Mode lowering gravity to Earth's Moon's Gravity.

Power can be restored if you choose to expend time doing so but it will take 1 Hour of Time to do so regardless of what powers and abilities you have.

Attilan's Computer can be hacked but given the limited power, you can't really do much beyond lower Gravity and change the weather.

There is 1 Set of 5 Space Suits in the otherwise empty Chamber of Devices.


  • No BFR is allowed but if you can manage to push someone into space who can't survive in space, it will work as expected.
  • No Tele-BFR or Dismemberment
  • Win is by Death, Incapacitation, or KO
  • Each team gets 5 minutes prep and basic info about the enemy team. The Basic Info includes names, pictures, and abiities. Bought Equipment is not known until you engage it. Obviously, if you have the perks that grant you more prep or knowledge, you get that instead.
  • The First Team Listed starts in the Old City while the Second Team Listed starts in the Prison. Fear not Second Team, you don't have to break out. :)
  • Bought Items are listed in Parentheses.


  • Daredevil - Billy Clubs (Captain Britain's Suit)
  • Cyborg - (Tactigon)
  • Hawkeye - Bow and Trick Arrows (Cold Gun, Iron Spider Suit)
  • Tim Drake - Utility Belt, Costume, Grappling Hook, Red Robin Throwing Discs (Medusa Mask, Nth Metal Mask and Bo Staff)
  • Iron Fist - (10 Rings of Mandarin, Vibranium Suit and Shield)

Banking 5 High Tier Points and 2 Mid Tier Points


Meek Inherit Earth



  • Nightcrawler - Image Inducer, 2 Katanas (Battle Computer, Cold Gun)
  • Gambit - Armor, Image Inducer, Deck of Cards, and Staff (Black and Gold Armor
  • Beast - Image Inducer (Doom's Armor)
  • Archangel - Image Inducer
  • Cyclops - Visor, Image Inducer (Vibranium Suit and Melee Weapon)

Banking 5 High Tier Points

Silver Surfboard


  • Ex-Men
  • Meek Inherit Earth
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This should be good

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I'd like to apologize! My internet had been down for several days! I should have a beginning post by the end of tonight :)

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I've never done any sort of battle debate before, so I'm sorry if I mess some things up or am unclear :)

Cyborg - Cyborg would use the prep time to search various data-bases on information about each and every member of your team. He's been shown to bypass plenty of secure servers with his technology and is connected to anything that's online, so this wouldn't be a difficult or unrealistic task for him. He'd then share his findings with each member of his team. He also has the ability to teleport himself and his team mates using his Boom-Tube technology, this technology has a silent mode that allows the teleportation to be unheard, even by beings with super sensitive hearing ( he used it to teleport Batman behind Superman & Wonder Woman who were both amazed that they didn't hear a thing ). Cyborg is also an incredible hacker, I'm sure he'd be able to take a knock at hacking Bastion or to shut down some of his various functions. With the Tactigon he'd be able to locate a target's weakness and then create a weapon designed to attack that specific weakness, he's essentially a one man army. I could see him being on par with Nightcrawler's usage of the Battle Computer.

Tim Drake - Tim in an expert leader and strategist. He could use the information given to him by Cyborg much better than anyone else, and develop an interesting plan to take down your team one by one. However, he also has the Medusa Mask ( Psycho Pirates Mask ) which allows him to manipulate the emotions of others. It was shown by a Black Lantern Psycho Pirate that he can send others into uncontrollable fits of rage ( he did this to make Superboy fight Superman ). With the Silent Boom-Tube technology he'd be able to have Cyborg teleport him to Beast's location and send him into one of these fits of rage, making him more of a liability than an asset. Then Cyborg could simply teleport Tim back to the safety of his own team. He's also got Nth Metal on him so he's physically stronger than usual and can defy gravity, gifting him with the powers of Flight. Most of this battle would be spent manipulating the emotions of the X-Men though, since all of them seem to have incredible amounts of baggage that make them ripe for the picking.

Daredevil - With the rainstorm going on he has a perfect field of view, his echolocation gifts him with sight. Captain Britain's Suit makes him physically stronger and faster, also it makes him more durable and gifts him with the power of flight. Nightcrawler is USELESS against Daredevil due to the noise he makes when teleporting, along with the change in the atmosphere that happens before Nightcrawler ends up at his destination. With him out of the picture I'd have Daredevil see out Gambit and engage him in H2H combat. With the suit making him stronger and faster than Gambit he should be able to eventually over-power him and knock him out with a blow from one of his Billy Clubs.

Iron Fist - Iron Fist is going to go for Cyclopes. Both are incredibly talented with H2H combat and the Vibranium Armor & Shield combined with the 10 Rings of the Mandarin should help protect Iron Fist from Cyclopes's Optic Blasts. He could even use the surfaces of his armor and shield to reflect the blasts back at Cyclopes or at another member of your team ( such as a flying Archangle ). The Rings would also give Iron Fist the ability to fight at a distance due to various energy and elemental blasts that are contained within the rings. I know Cyclopes is strong but I think Iron Fist would be able to punch right through him, killing him or incapacitating him. I mean, the man did fight and beat a Dragon with his bare hands.

Hawkeye - Hawkeye has Cold's Gun and the Iron Spider Armor. Because of the Armor he has enhanced visuals and is bullet proof. He can also scale walls due to the 3 mechanical arms attached to the back of the suit. He could easily get himself to a vantage point and seek out Archangel, and then freeze his wings with a blast of Absolute Zero from the Cold Gun. He's also got a USB arrow that allows him to shutdown computer systems, so after Bastion is damaged by Cyborg Hawkeye would be able to put him out of commission for good.

So pretty much while your team is dealing with a crazed, enraged Beast they'll also be hunted down by various members of my team, who all have trump cards over your members. I can't really elaborate much because I don't know your plan of action, so I'll wait for your response. If Beast ends up being the last man standing and is still enraged I'm sure that my team combined would be able to take him out. Tim could calm him down with the mask while the Tactigon creates a weapon to get through Doom's armor and attack Beast.

I hope to hear from you soon @batnorris!

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Huzzah! I reign..... victorious?

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@thetruebarryallen: I'm very sorry as my computer has been jacking up the last three days. Hope to have a good debate!

I really think my team has this. On to the first order of business: cyborg. I understand you believe cyborg is you're trump card but he goes down in the first nanosecond. I've given bastion the silver surfboard whixh gives him ftl reaction time. also, bastion is a hacker not a hackee. Cyborg gets hacked and shut down in less than a second.

Bastion can then proceed to turn him into a rock with the power cosmic, or let nightcrawler predict where tim drake will go, (battle computer) then telepport his torso off.

Daredevil isn't much of a problem here. bastion transmutes him, bfr's him, puts a mini black hole in him. I could go on but its fairly obvious that bastion blitzes your whole team.

Good luck to you for finding an argument .

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@batnorrisAs I haven't ever seen Bastion before I'd like to see some scans of these feats.

First off, I don't see how you'd bring Cyborg down in the first Nano-Second. Bastion hasn't dealt with his type of technology before, he's also not one big operating system, he's several types of tech that were sort of "Frankestine'd" together to make the being known as Cyborg. The Surfboard may give the Silver Surfer incredible reaction times but Bastion doesn't know how to perfectly use it. Has he had training in such an object before? If so I'd like to see scans. If for some reason Bastion had proved to be a master with the Surfboard then I could see why he'd be able to use it so well, but from my understanding of this tournament the items that we're given aren't going to be used like their true owners unless the user has experience with it. With that, I didn't think that Cyborg WOULD be able to hack and shut down Bastion, possibly just mess with him a bit or weaken him.

Also you constantly brought up BFR's when it said in the rules that there would be no BFR. Also Nightcrawler wouldn't be able to teleport Tim's torso off since Dis-Memberment isn't a possibility, again, in the rules.

I'm not worried about Nightcrawler having the battle computer because even if he CAN teleport to one of my team members or teleport them somewhere else it drains him, it's been shown various times that he gets exhausted after TOO much teleportation. So if he did take someone from my team for whatever reason I'm sure they're all capable of fighting him in H2H. He's also got Cold's gun but I haven't seen Nightcrawler to be too much of a marksman so I'm not TOO worried about that.

If Nightcrawler teleports ANYONE then Cyborg could just lock onto him and teleport them back, it's just not that useful of a tool when all of my team members are fully capable of besting Nightcrawler.

As for Bastion the "Unstoppable" if he gets knocked off guard by Hawkeye then he could easily get Frozen by the Cold Gun. Hawkeye is MUCH more of a Marksman and could hit something moving at incredibly fast speeds, and if your robot gets brought to absolute zero then he'd just be shattered and swept under the rug. I don't think it's possible for anyone to be "unhackable" so even the USB arrow could work here to slow him down a tad.

I can't really say anything else about your other members because you didn't say anything about them. You just said that Bastion would use the Silver Surfboard perfectly to decimate my team.

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@thetruebarryallen: sorry it took me a while to respond for some reason I see you called me out but it didn't notify me. Sorry about that. I'm also sorry I kinda skimmed through the op.. I kinda figured that if a character gets an item that they get some time to master it. Also, he will be ftl once he gets the surfboard . That's not something he has to master.does cyborg have any feats of not being able to be hacked? I'll try to get the bastion scans for you. But bastion can literally beat cyborg to death before he can do anything. I don't see how bastion can't hack him. He can hack systems and tech I don't see how he can't just do it to a couple slapped together. I'm sorry but you are very wrong about nc teleporting. It would take A LOT of tping to wear him out. He's not going to tp that much. He can just teleport behind hawkeye and shoot him witb the cold gun. He can also teleport where tim drake will go and stab him. Anyways bastion can just beat your whole team to death. Ill bring out the other characters when you can provide a valid wayto take down bastoon who is faster than light.

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@batnorris That's alright ^_^

I'm currently packing up my entire dorm room and moving back to my real home today, however I should be able to provide scans and respond appropriately to all of the above.

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I'm voting for TheTrueBarryAllen. Batnorris' arguments seemed very presumptive -- it seems he has mistaken Surfer's board for allowing him to use every surfer feat and he misrepresented how he was allowed to use Nightcrawler's TP.

Next time, he might want to explain how he instantly finds the enemy team and expand upon what Bastion can do with hacking -- when both players say they have a top end hacker, someone has to attempt to prove which is superior. TTBA atleast provided information of what Cyborg's done with his hacking. He also seemingly ignored how TTBA's acknolwedgement of how Daredevil interacts with Nightcrawler. His strategy seems doomed to sacrificing a couple of his members for being too aggressive.

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( Should I post anything more or is it all up to the votes now? )


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Sounds good!

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I also have to give my vote to TheTrueBarryAllen. He was much more thorough, whereas Batnorris seemed to basically ignore a majority of his team. Batnorris also proposed things that were against the rules and made a lot of presumptions about Bastion's use of the Surfboard that he never really tried to explain.

Batnorris would have greatly benefitted from simply putting more time into the tournament. By quickly reviewing the rules and giving a more comprehensive picture of his team's strategies and advantages, he would have had a very good chance at pulling out a victory.

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@thetruebarryallen: you win, for basically the same reasons that the others posted. I mean batnorris basically just relied on the surfboard.

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Cool beans!

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As 3 votes are all that are needed for a win, I am going to call this.

@thetruebarryallen is the winner. I would like to thank @batnorris for competing and the judges for quick and apt judgements.