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Morals off and a fight to the death- Takes place in a completely empty Times Square- 1 week of prep, with full knowledge of the other team

Marvel Team: Hulk, Magneto and Havok + Mystique, Black Cat, Toad, Nick Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye

DC Team: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Sinestro and Black Canary + Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Huntress, Lady Blackhawk and Batgirl

The Hulk, Magneto and Havok vs Green Lantern, Sinestro and Black Canary battle starts a mile away from the other battle which is 6 vs 6. Any survivors of either battle can then help their fellow team members of the other battle. Which team ends up triumphant overall and why?

Thanks for reading :)

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I feel as if this leans in favor to Marvel....

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@Batman242 said:

I feel as if this leans in favor to Marvel....

Why do you think that?

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I actually think Havok is a pivotal component in this fight. He may not be in the same tier as the Green Lanterns, but he can bang some heads with relative ease.

As far as the street levelers, DC stomps hard

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HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that might be it im just guessing

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Hulk is a huge X factor, dont think a random GL or Sinestro could keep him down. Ill give it to marvel

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Any other opinions on this?

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As for the street levelers, Fury would level all of them and then lose to Batman. I think Hulk can beat GL because both Aquaman and WW have beaten GL using ONLY brute strength, if there one thing Hulk specializes in its brute strength. I think Superman himself might be the only hero who can actually overpower Hulk in a test of sheer strength and even then I don't know what'd happen. Havok is near GL's level, similar powers but they just arent as powerful. I think Team Marvel would win, Fury would beat all of DC's street level while Batman beats all of Marvel's street level and then Fury loses to Batman and then Batman gets smashed by Hulk, then Havok takes on Sinestro and barely loses while Hulk beats GL and then defeats Sinestro...

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@JJ62: When did aquaman beat GL?

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@Nightflash I believe it was during the New 52, we've all seen that photo before right? My point was that WW and Black Adam and others have smashed through the constructs and beaten GL so Hulk would do the same.

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@AnyWhichWayButUp said:


HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that might be it im just guessing

Totally Hulk does it by himself forget the other dudes