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Big Innes (Still Game) vs Nolan Batman

For some unknown reason this was locked no idea why, so im putting it back up, this is not a troll or spite thread no idea where anyone got that idea, Video contains some mild language


Round 1- No gadgets for batman purely h2h morales on win by KO

Round 2- Batman has 1 smoke pellet, Big innes has Maduri in him which was a strong alchahol, which made him go crazy and deystroy a bar.

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..You're...You're kidding right?

You're pitting one of the most highly trained hand to hand combatants in the world who's extremely skilled in multiple forms of martial art against someone who's only notable for his above average size?

Do you even know just how many fighting styles there are to take advantage of an opponent's excess size? The best part is Batman is undoubtedly trained in at the very least one of them.

Batman curbstomps in both fights.