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no prep fight takes place in new york each get a van full of weapons and bombs its the daddy from kick ass
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really no one
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Depends, are you using their comic book appearances or movie appearances?
Big Daddy in the movie was pretty ownage in his fight scene. he was able to take out like a factory of guys all wielding guns. I think there were somewhere around 20 different guys actually.
What's funny is the actors that played both characters kind of look alike with the mustache and all.

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Agreed. Movie Big Daddy was nasty and took a whole factory of thugs without effort. I would wager that movie BD could beat Comedian. Maybe even easily. 

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Yeah, that was a very ownage fight. I don't even know if movie Batman can do the same.
Big Daddy was able to slowly walk around and own every thug and use their bodies as body armor and their own weapons to mortally wound them all. He made it look easier than me going to the fridge! I don't even think any of them was able to get a single hit off of him or engaged him in any kind of way. I'm glad they had that scene to show his battle prowess.


Did you like the Kick-Ass movie?
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I did like it. It was pretty cool. 
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 Here is the kick-ass scene I was talking about. Total ownage.

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This could go either way to me.

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the comedian for the win

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Big Daddy.
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Big Daddy. Killing 10 in under a minute is better than anything The Comidian has done.
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I hate the Comedian rapist. 
Big Daddy stomps!

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I was thinking this was Adam Sandler ( Big Daddy ) vs The Comedian... lol
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The Comedian wins.

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haven't seen watchmen in awhile but comedian seemed much more like a soldier than a fighter, don't get me wrong he could probably take any average guy but a fighter like big daddy was shown to be would more likely than not win, in my own opinion.

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hmm well in the comic ozy was beaten by comedian in h2h combat and gun combat was in black ops while in comic big daddy was an accountant turned vigilanty in the movie he was a cop.

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lets see a guy who took out 10 mafia member super easy and trained a little girl who owned around 20


a guy who not funny yet calls himself the Comedian. and rapes peaple and shoots pregnet women.

oh i wonder what a tough fight

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Big Daddy.

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i am inclined to say big daddy although comedian kills more innocent people than criminals so big daddy just caps him