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first off i am going to say that i am allowed to post this topic. The rules say only post about people that have been on comic books, Sergio Cariello, he has written for Marvel and DC, has created the action bible. so i am allowed to post this topic. Anyways today's match up is:


vs David

now I am not talking about shepherd boy David, i am talking about King David at his peak strength and skill, now that i got that out of the way im going to tell you about the two. Samson was born to a man named Manoah, this was during a time when the philistines were marauding Israel. god chose Samson to be a nazirite (someone who takes an oath to god) god gave Samson great strength if and only if, Samson never cuts his hair. Samson has many great feats. he once killed a lion with his bare hands. of course he would've had some wounds but they were not major so Samson has some durability.

he also murdered thirty philistines out of pure spite, but one of his most impressive feats is when he killed 1000 armed men with a jaw of a donkey

ahuge show of his strength is when he lifted a huge castle gate all by himself

unfortunately Samson has a weakness for women, a woman named Delilah, seduced him into telling her his secret, she cut his hair and the philistines attacked Samson, he tried to fight back but he was like any other man. he was blinded and imprisoned, but he didn't go down without one last push, while he was imprisoned his hair grew back. they chained him so he can entertain them, but he did one last move so big, he killed more philistines at his death than he did when he was alive.

now lets talk about David, he was a shepherd boy born to a man named Jesse, as a shepherd, he had to protect sheep from animals that try to kill them, so as a little boy, David killed a lion with his most dynamic weapon, the sling

David was anointed to be king over all of Israel, because the reigning king, Saul, was an idiot. when he was about 16 he went up to give his soldier brothers some food when he saw Goliath.

Goliath is 9 feet tall his sword was as big as a kid, Goliath challenged Israel to a fight, “Why do you come out and line up for battle? Am I not a Philistine, and are you not the servants of Saul? Choose a man and have him come down to me. 9If he is able to fight and kill me, we will become your subjects; but if I overcome him and kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us.” 10 Then the Philistine said, “This day I defy the armies of Israel! Give me a man and let us fight each other.” (1st Samuel 17:9-10 NIV) David was highly offended by this so he took Goliath's challenge, David used his sling and shot Goliath right between the eyes

(Goliath's sword is now David's go to weapon)

he cut off Goliath's head after that. he was highly esteemed by the king, than he moved on to Israels army where he received his training, he was so skilled that he was made leader of the whole army by the king. another feat is he killed 200 philistines to marry the kings daughter

i know its blurry

soon king Saul planned to kill David because he was jealous, so David hid from him for over 20 years. while in hiding, David formed an army of rejects who were soon the greatest fighters in all of Israel, when Saul died, David was king. he had many battles and he has proven to be a skilled tactician in the heat of battle.

Now its time for the battle. David is wearing a bronze helmet and a coat of chain mail. his weapons are the sword of Goliath, a shield, and his sling. Samson is unarmored, and he only has the jaw of a donkey. the battle takes place in a desert landscape. FIGHT!!!

Saul has just asked David to kill 200 philistines in return of his daughters hand in marriage. David willingly agrees to the deal, as he gets to the battle seen he sees Samson who is slaughtering all the philistines by himself. the rest are retreating and that's bad news for David because he needs to kill if he wants to marry the kings daughter. after Samson has killed about a thousand philistines, the rest retreat. David in pure anger takes his sling and flings a stone at Samson, which shatters once it hits Samson head. Samson feels the impact and grunts, than he sees a man running toward him, smirks, than gets in battle position. Samson swings at David with the bone but David parries it with his sword. David tries to slice Samson but it is blocked by the bone. David than smacks Samson in the head with the shield but it barely hurts him. Samson grabs the shield than breaks it in half with his bare hands. David is shocked at the sight. what man can break a shield with his bare hands? David cannot afford to let that discourage him so he gets up and slices Samson in the stomach, Samson grunts but kicks David to the ground without any problem. David gets back up but is constantly on the defensive side. every time Samson struck, David blocked but he would lose balance after every strike. soon Samson was able to grab a hold of David and lifted him by the neck. David was choking so he had to think fast. he lifted his sword and struck Samson in the head as hard as he could, the force of Goliath's sword barely budges his head, but one lock of Samson's long hair fell to the ground. immediately Samson let go of David and grabbed his hair in shock. this gave David enough time to catch his breath. Samson than tried to swing at David but David blocked with his huge sword so this time it was Samson who was off balance. David smacked the bone off Samson hand then he thrust at Samson stomach. this time the sword pierced him all the way through and Samson died.

now the battle i just wrote isn't how it would actually go down.. i just put the facts and than made a battle scene for your entertainment. the reason why i think David would win is because he is smarter and has more training. davids sword attacks wouldn't even bother Samson enough for him to win unless Samson loses some hair. David is skilled enough to last a long time with Samson in a battle and than make him realize that he should try a swing to the head. David's skill would allow him to actually hit samson a few times with the sword and a sword as big as Goliath's can definitely cut a lock of hair from Samson. David wins 6/10 in my book. don't agree with me? why?

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I was gonna reply saying Sampson but then I thought this might be blasphemous.

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Depends. if god wants David to win the fight, he obviously wins the fight. If he doesn't, Sampson utterly destroys him.

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david is more than capable of being in a long fight with samson. he also is more skilled. he can easily land his attack and of course the sword of goliath can cut some hair. samson is a regular human once hiss hair gets cut

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Depends. if god wants David to win the fight, he obviously wins the fight. If he doesn't, Sampson utterly destroys him.