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Ben Richards (Arnie S. from "The Running Man") runs a Gauntlet. Full rest for Ben between rounds. No morals. If there is no winner within one hour for any given round, the round is considered a stalemate. After the first stalemate, Richards is allowed to advance; after the second stalemate, Richards loses the gauntlet.

The fight takes place in the arena from "The Running Man," but Ben Richards doesn't have prior knowledge of the area.

Round 1: C3PO (H2H, no weapons)

Round 2: Rambo (H2H, no weapons)

Round 3: Judge Dredd (both have a large steak knife)

Round 4: Worf (Worf has his bat'leth; Richards has a sword)

Round 5: Simon Phoenix (no weapons, H2H)

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C3PO? Really?

Takes the first round in a colossal stomp.

Other than that, never saw the Running Man, so IDK

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Well, it has to begin easy...it's the first round.

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Ben was pretty durable, strong, adaptive, and smart. At least peak human in the strength department, and i think he took a few blows from the hunters special weapons that may put him above peak human durability. And even though he doesn't have prior knowledge of the location, it took him like 30 minutes before he could adapt and understand it with ease( i believe). I'm pretty sure he can at least take the first three rounds with some difficulty and maybe he'll stalemate one of them. Thing is, it's been a minute since i saw running man and a Rambo movie, and i never got to see Dredd, but seeing where you put him at, i hope Ben can at least stalemate him. The other two i have literally no information about.

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@Soothing_Sounds: Sounds good to me. Worf would be a challenge, I imagine.

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This is a massive ROFLstomp.

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@jwalser3: All rounds? Or just the first?