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I've been watching a lot of Death Battles on www.screwattack.com/‎ lately and I thought that they should have the Ben 10 from Ultimate Alien fight someone. But I don't know who would be his perfect opponent. Any ideas? (Please no one say Superman)

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I don't know. Has Ben 10 UA vs Aang done before? That would be an awesome battle.

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Hrm....I think someone like sort of a mid-tier comic book character, from like, Spider-Man to about Luke Cage (at the absolute most).

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Ben 10 vs Blue beetle

Ben 10 vs Green Lantern

Ben 10 vs Aquaman

These seem like decent fights IMO

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How about Naruto? He's extremely versatile, has good level of strength and summons to keep up with stronger aliens, is already possesed and trying to contact his mind annoys kyubi. Though he can be too strong, no idea, but They can have a good fight, specially because screwattack loves to make nice looking ones..