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Seriously, some of the worst aliens were debuted in Omniverse. And some of the coolest(Gravattack).

Crashhopper is not half bad. He's durable and needs to hit likes of Nightwing and Batman once with his head to KO them.

Though I don't think any of his aliens(bloodlusted or not) can do much against Hawkman. Dude is strong and quick.

In both cases, Ben stops at Hawkman.

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I miss when Ben 10 had 10 aliens.

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Stops at 6 or 7

Edit: meant 7 or 8(got the numbers a little mixed up lol)

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One of his aliens is named Molestache? Wow...

Stops at Deathstroke, his promethium sword and armor would be enough to handle those aliens, plus he handles superpowered people on a regular basis.