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An abandoned city, plagued by an army of monsters.

Simple enough?

Each monster is a 2 tonner with speed and agility to match; they are completely mindless and bloodthirsty.

All combatants have been infected. Unfortunately, each team only has one antidote. It is your mission to find the opposing team, and steal their antidote to cure you and your partner. Teams start on opposite ends of the city, and have five hours to get their hands on their enemies serum.

Meanwhile, the monsters are still running rampant. Good luck.

Floopay's Team:

Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

  • 2 Specially Modified Jerchio 941s
  • 3 Fragmentation Grenades
  • 2 Remote Detonators
  • 1 Concealed Throwing Knife
  • Trench Coat

Mugen (Samurai Champloo)

  • Katana
  • Wakazashi
  • 2 Throwing Knives

Mr_Ingenuity's Team

Rocket Raccoon (Marvel)

  • 2 Pistols
  • 5 Grenades

Bob, Agent of HYDRA (Marvel)

  • Pistol
  • Hunting Knife

there, tag you're it.

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@Floopay: Nick fury was refused for this tournament. Now I have Rocket Raccoon dual pistols and grenades. Also you may open.

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@Mr_Ingenuity said:

@Floopay: Nick fury was refused for this tournament. Now I have Rocket Raccoon dual pistols and grenades. Also you may open.

How is Pre-One Neo allowed, but Nick Fury isn't. That baffles me.

Alright, Spike was part of a crime syndicate and is pretty good at staying out of sight. Mugen actually has a similar background.

I'll keep this simple:

Spike is going to scout ahead, and Mugen is going to keep on guard for monsters. They'll develop some sort of code to notify each other when to hide, and when to stay in site. Spike is going to be keeping his remote detonator handy at all times.

Once they spot Mr_Ingenuity's team, I will set up a remote detonator and get some distance. I remind you, this whole time they are staying as far away from his team as possible. When his team gets close to the detonator, Spike will set it off.

That being said, I doubt they'll walk close enough to this thing to even kind of be harmed by it, I mean it's about as powerful as a frag grenade, which is powerful, but doesn't have the blast radius to be to reliable to harm your team. However, it is noisy, and the streets are filled with super powered monsters with immense speed, agility, and strength. My team will be safely hidden, while yours will be overwhelmed by a bunch of super powered monsters.

They will wait as long as possible, let the monsters finish their business, and then set up a remote detonator a little bit away from the monsters, sneak as close as they can while simultaneously keeping a safe distance and have no way of being discovered. Once they're close, they set off the remote detonator, draw their attention elsewhere, and sneak in, kill whatever few linger behind, grab the antidote, and possible throw a grenade as far possible to draw them toward that noise over my gunfire noise. That is, if they pursue me. If there's only three or so there, Mugen will give his knives to Spike, and Spike can kill them with the knives while Mugen sneaks in for the kill. That way they can avoid making as much noise as possible so they can just sneak away.

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Rocket Raccoon & Bob will make detection as hard as possible. Rocket is a tactical genius & Bob is a natural coward.

The Kree comment on his tactical abilities .

Rocket will take notice to the potential hordes of monsters & keep to the rooftops. Rocket being an animal has advantages over your team. The first would be sight being able to see at night means movement will be noticed early on. Also smell would be another obvious one & by Spike Spiegel pic, the smell cigarettes would be a dead giveaway to Rocket's nose.

Now if Spike is taking the conventional way and walking the streets, picking him off will be Rocket's job. Considering both of your teammates will be watching out for anything that looks human, Rocket natural stealth abilities will increase success on an ambush form above.

Rocket is a great shot and will go for a head shot first chance.

Pulling of head shot left and right with his agility.

Now I doubt Spike can react to a raccoon with pistols. But if some how he does & gets to cover Rocket will simply set off a grenade in spikes general direction & retreat to the trees the monsters will pay him no attention.

When Spike has been neutralized Mugen won't stand a chance only challenge will be finding him. But Rocket could undoubtedly sniff him out.

Once he is found Rocket and Bob will corner him with fire. Bob will most likely shoot erratic giving him no chance to break cover and engage in melee. Now Mugen has two options stay in cover and receive his end by a grenade. Or break cover head for Bob getting shot by Rocket.

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@Floopay: If you would be so kind.

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Almost forgot about this!

First things first:

My team won't be taking the streets, they'll actually be attempting to move from building to building, and change between rooftop, cutting through buildings, and cutting through the streets.

Now, being a raccoon carries it's advantages, but again, it's not exactly like Rocket Raccoon in his uniform and carrying dual pistols is exactly going to be something that doesn't stick out for my characters.


Unknown to me, gave me a decent bonus in this scenario because of Mugen. What bonus? He's melee. Where Bob and Rocket both have firearms, Mugen and Spike have throwing knives and swords at their disposal. Sounds like a disadvantage right? Well read the scenario above. There are aggressive super mutants running amok. Meaning anytime your team fires a pistol, or throws a grenade, you'll only attract super mutants towards your team. Whereas my team can use remote detonators from a distance, toss grenades (something both teams can do), and use silent weapons to my advantage.

Spike is also a very good shot, a great strategist, and his sleight of hand he has used on multiple occasions. What he does here is a straight up suicide mission, but the sheer amount of people he takes out due to his marksmanship, his explosives, and some assistance is pretty astounding. As proven here, he's good at finding cover from gunshots, and he's very good at his placement of explosives. He might not be able to dodge gunfire from up close like some characters, and he might not be able to score a headshot from forty yards away, but at close to mid range he's pretty accurate, not Deadshot accurate, but he can get a bullet right about where he wants to. This is mostly because of his training with his own custom weapons.

Warning: If you haven't seen the show, stop watching at 2:35, or you'll ruin the ending for yourself. Trust me, it's 26 episodes, and well worth watching!

Spike vs. Mad Pierot - Spike has a huge advantage in his tolerance for punishment, that's the one thing that lets him deal with people who outclass him. If you watch this video you can see at 4:15 forward, Spike is a pretty good shot with a throwing knife, and silence is the key to victory here.

Mugen at close range will be deadly to your team, and Spike/Mugen can both throw throwing knives in an attempt to hit your guys. Both teams have explosives, but my team has remote detonators which will be key to diverting attention from Super Mutants away from my team. Silence is the biggest thing here. Your team, if they do manage to get the jump on my team, will have to deal with a swarm of super mutants soon after they engage my team in combat. Meaning even if you do manage to tag Spike or Mugen, you'll soon have a swarm of 2 tonners swarming your team, and you may very well run out of ammo dealing with them. While my team can actually engage in combat and possibly even take a silent victory.

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Team One has Spike Spiegel and Mugen.

One is a badass with impeccable aim and insane cunning, and the other is a break-dancing samurai.

Team One wins.

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Ready for you rebuttal or do you wanna go straight to voting from here?

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@Floopay said:


Ready for you rebuttal or do you wanna go straight to voting from here?

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I will concede this tournament. Currently in 12 active and 4 more in wait.