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Beetlejuice is sent to hell by Juno because of his mischief and mayham on earth.Waiting for him at the gates of hell is Pin Head who is ranked as The Devils right hand man.Who will be triumphant i this epic battle of evil?



Both Blood Lusted

All Feats On

Start At 20 Feet

Winner By Death

Battle Location:Elm Street(A Nightmare On Elm Street)

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Winner by Death?

Then Pinhead definitely takes this unless Beetlejuice knows Pinheads weakness being that Magic box and knows how to operate it to put Pinhead away, Beetlejuice has no Possible way of winning.

Pinheads the Black Pope of Hell, he can pretty much control reality, magic and he can warp...etc... alot better than BJ has shown.

Pinhead 9/10