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Here it is fanboy's!! At your request, and just in time for Superman's 75th birthday! The most demanded Definitive Write Up article ever...”HULK VS SUPERMAN”!!! That's right true believers, I've been asked over and over to give an exhaustive, detailed account on everything you ever wanted to know about DC's ultimate icon taking on Marvel's rampaging engine of destruction. Who would win? Who's the stronger? Who is the true Super-Heavyweight Champion of the comic book world? It's all answered here for the first time ever, included with opinions from some of the greatest creators in the industry! And since this is such a monumental write up, I included as a super-special bonus...a detailed history of DC and Marvel working together to give fans their ultimate fanboy wishes in all aspects of the media! Did you know that both comic companies co-owned the trademark “SUPER HEROES” since the late 70's?? Yes my friends, it's all here!! So check it out and enjoy the finest in comic-battle excellence from the best Superhero blog on the net...HERO ENVY!!!


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Having debated this approximately 1,459 times I can say that Superman possesses every advantage with the sole exception of regeneration.

And so, for the 1460th time, Superman wins.