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Butthead vs ed

Beavis vs eddy

Stewart vs edd

Daria vs Sarah

Gina vs nazz

Todd vs Kevin

Martin vs jimmy

Tom Anderson vs Rolf

Who would win?

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All the Eds should win their battles. They frequently get beat up by the Kankers, Ed has quite blatant super strength, and Eddy is a MASSIVE tank with the absolute sadism he receives from his brother.

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Eddy is really strong and somewhat impervious to pain. But then again Beavis can tap into cornholio rage

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Ed solos

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Butthead vs ed ed beats butthead that or butthead just tricks him into doing stuff because he finds it funny.

Beavis vs eddy beavis kicks eddy in the nads.

Stewart vs edd they become friends

Daria vs Sarah daria just ignores her

Gina vs nazz I don't remember who gina is.

Todd vs Kevin Todd kicks the shit out of him what is Kevin like 10 Todd is like 21 or some shit this is a brutal ass kicking

Martin vs jimmy

Tom Anderson vs Rolf rolf starts working for tom Anderson

Who would win?

I would love to watch this and they do seem to kind of fit together.

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Beavis and Butt-Head are given chicken nuggets and choke to death...

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Ed Edd n Eddy win due to toonforce