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All battles will take place here

In the magical land that time forgot of Skataris. The dimensional gateways to this world are sealed and all those with the power of dimensional travel will be unable to breach this barrier. their travel will be confined within the time lost land.

Combatants will have four weeks of prep but that prep will be in Skataris with the resources available there only. Combatants will begin at the tops of the two mountain ranges on opposite sides of Skataris.


These characters are amalgams of the choices made. They are a completely new character. each character will get

  • from the Body - physical aspects only. Strength, speed, durability, endurance, damage soak and healing
  • From the mind the learned things and character of the mind. They will have none of the powers of these characters unless those powers are the direct result of learned behavior.
  • from the powerset - the powers. This will NOT include anything physical in nature.
  • from the item whatever the item can bring when wielded by the mind and body chosen. If an item requires a particular physicality or character trait to perform certain tasks that is not a part of this build than they will be denied that aspect of the item.
  • POST LIMIT - in light of the many tourneys lately becoming war and peace all battles will be restricted to 7 battle posts plus one summation post where you can make closing arguments but NOT add any new information not offered before hand. Debaters can uses the 7 however they see fit to make their case. This should hopefully make it an easier read and more likely to actually get some votes
  • When down to voting all votes MUST be on the debate offered not on who you think should have won.
  • Debate will be open for a maximum of 5 days before closed by me once a thread starts
  • Characters who have the power of power duplications/copy, can only copy the powers as they fit within draft choices and can only unlock more potential of their own character build has that capability.

These amalgams may have the ability to use these powers or physicals to greater levels than the chosen drafts IF they can make a reasonable and believable explanation as to why they have unlocked such ability because of how they have built the character. For example a character chosen in a body slot may be able to have it's powers used if either the mind, power or the item can reasonably be used to access them. Similarly with the powers etc.


  • · Body: Geo-Force
  • · Mind: Braniac 5 (LSH)
  • · Powerset: Element Lad (LSH)
  • · Item: Ebony Blade



  • · Mind: Elminster (Forgotten Realms)
  • · Body: Sesshomaru (composite Inuyasha)
  • · Powerset: Weiss the Immaculate (Final Fantasy)
  • · Item: Mirrored Tensaiga (Inuyasha)
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Finally got the thread started, I sent PM to Beatboks and Floopay to let them know. I need to build opening presentation and get scans..should be a good one.I think I should've though about my choices a bit more though,,,Floopay is a veteran!!

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@cosmicallyaware1: I'm opening with just an outline of characters:

Mind: Elminster (Forgotten Realms)


Genius Level Intelligence - Elminster has a godly intelligence, having used wish spells to increase his knowledge in the past and beyond the limits of any mortal. He is a genius on the topics of combat, creatures, powers, magic, divine magic, psionics, demonology, biology, anatomy, and a dozen other topics. It should be noted, Elminster is over a millennium old, and spent MOST of his life studying magic.

Divine Magician - Elminster, thanks to his devotion to the goddess Mystra, has access to a whole host of divine magical abilities. This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to heal himself and others.

Arcane Magic - Elminster is widely considered to be the greatest magician in all of Forgotten Realms. This includes, but is not limited to, powerful magical barriers, control of the elements, the ability to manipulate life force, phasing, divining, precognition, illusion casting, mind alteration, mental barriers, creature summoning/conjuration, and so much more.

Genius Tactician / Strategist - Elminster spent a century or more of his life being completely limited on his magic, due to the collapse of the weave. Yet still he managed to survive and through it proved his abilities as a fighter and strategist.

Body: Sesshomaru (Composite)


Strength - The exact limits of his strength are never revealed. However, Sesshomaru can hold back well over 20 tons of force with one arm, and without any signs of strain. He can also smash apart buildings, steel, and etc. with his bare fists.

Durability - Sesshomaru is extremely resistant to all forms of injury.

Resistances - Sesshomaru is incredibly resistant to negative energy attack (evil spirit, demon, etc.), holy attacks, wind attacks, concussive force, and etc.

Immunities - Sesshomaru is immune to poison, fire, acid, lightning, telepathic assault and etc.

Healing Factor - Sesshomaru can recover from minor or medium wounds in minutes, and major wounds in usually a day or two.

Speed - Sesshomaru has shown to be fast enough to view musket bullets in complete slow motion, as if they were not even moving. He is hypersonic.

Reflexes - Sesshomaru has reacted to hypersonic attacks with absolute ease, going so far as to redirect over a dozen musket bullets in a direct line back at their target in one sweep and without effort.

Flight - Sesshomaru has self-sustaining flight, and can leap massive distances. All of which he does at about the same speed he moves at normally.

Living Mane - Sesshomaru's main is a part of him, and can extend to incredible distances and be used as a weapon if necessary.

Shapeshifting - As a demon, Sesshomaru can naturally shapeshift between his demon dog, and human forms.

Acid Saliva - When in his demon dog form, he produces an acidic saliva naturally, and it sort of just dribbles out of his mouth. Can melt steel and bone with ease.

Powerset: Weiss the Immaculate


Dark Orb Projection - Weiss can throw out up to 5 dark orbs that are stronger than RPG level blasts. Has used them to harm Vincent Valentine while channeling Chaos in the past (not so easy a task)

Master Swordsman - Weiss wields two katanas with extreme ease and precision.

Self-Duplication - Weiss can split into 3 separate bodies. Each one as powerful as the first.

Soul Energy Absorption - Weiss can absorb spiritual / soul energy directed at his person.

Telepathic Resistance - Weiss is resistant to telepathic intrusion.

Item: Mirrored Tenseiga


Kenatsu - This sword can actually harm someone without making contact with them. Blocking the weapon may still cause the blocker to be harmed.

Kaze no Kizu - Powerful ability, capable of creating fissures in mountain, and blowing apart small hills. Can be used to slay hundreds of demons simultaneously.

Bakuryuha - Powerful attack, only useful against demons, spirits, dragons, and supernatural characters. Causes their magical and spiritual essence to be redirected back at them, along with a powerful version of the Kaze no Kizu.

Red Tessaiga - Capable of breaking through barriers (magical and spiritual) with a swing. Can also be combined with Kaze no Kizu to shatter almost any barrier.

Kongosoha - Launches a barrage of diamond spears in a direction. They can pierce nearly any substance.

Dragon-Scaled - Can absorb any supernatural energy, as well as cut through it. Very powerful ability.

Meido - Used to BFR opponents, or to BFR parts of their body away from them. Extremely useful.

Cutting the ethereal - Can cut through beings such as ghosts, and spirits.

Revival - Can be used to revive people, and bring them back to life.

Spiritual Barrier - Tensaiga can create a powerful barrier to protect it's wielder from attacks of all sorts. Doesn't last forever, and seems to only be able to occur once per encounter.

@beatboks1 Wanna take a look at Sesshomaru for me? I figured all his resistances and immunities should transfer with him. I ignored anything that he doesn't have as a direct result of being a demon of his caliber. The rest is his baseline stats.

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay: Sesshomaru looks fine, his shape shifting wou;n'd be part of the body pick unless soemthing else can unlock that ability ( IMO it's more like a power) but obviously with the right picks you can make arguments you still have it.

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@floopay: Sesshomaru looks fine, his shape shifting wou;n'd be part of the body pick unless soemthing else can unlock that ability ( IMO it's more like a power) but obviously with the right picks you can make arguments you still have it.

I would consider shapeshifting something that can be construed as either a power or a byproduct of his physical body. The reason I say that is because Sesshomaru can only shapeshift between his normal body, and his demon form. If I were to compare it to anything, it'd be like if someone chose a werewolf or another lycanthrope.

Prep Time

Full Knowledge

There are a hundred or so divinations Elminster can use with four weeks prep and his resources available. So my character will be using these to gain almost full knowledge on his opponent.

The Buffing

He will set up one of these on himself before the match starts (a good day or two beforehand). He'll set it up to, instead of sending him to safehaven, teleport him to somewhere 200 feet above the battlefield.

The conditions will also be changed to when something makes contact with his main self. I'll expand on this later.

Elminster’s Evasion


Lcvel: 9

Range: 0

Components: Y S, M Casting Time: 1 turn + total casting times

Duration: Instantaneous

Area of Effect: The caster

Saving Throw: None ,

A customized version of the contingency spell

slanted toward the preservation of the caster, this

spell will cause, under certain specific conditions,

the caster’s body, mind, and spirit to travel to

another location. The transfer is automatic and

transfers only the body and those i t a physically

attached to it, but leaving behind any attached

items wighing mors than 50 Ibs. dividudiy The spellbringstogctherbody,spirit,andmind,mnif in different locations. When casting this spell, the

wizard must detail six specific conditions that the

evasion will function &. When any of these situations

OCCUIII, the caster’s form is whisked awayto

the location. This location can be on the m e pl ane

or on any othcrknmplane ofexiatmce or dani- plane that the wizard has V i s i . Also when casting

the spell, the wizard indicates two othcr spells (cast

immediately after the evasion by the wizard) that

will be cast once the wizard arrives at the location TIleIhematerial cnnpollgas oftbis spell arc apint of

the cas!mb blood and a gun worth at least 5,000 gp. Both are consumed in the casting of the spell. Thc

wizard also immediately loscs 1 4 hit points, vhich

m a i n lost until the evasion spell is trig& at

~ c h p o i n t t b c y ~ ~ l y r e ~

This spell was developed by Elminster of

Shadowdale, with the intation of taking his form

to a dimensional looption he calls “Safehold” for

cures and resumction (if nccded). As an example,

the six clauses he says he uses arc:

1. Upon his own dcath; 2. Upon loss of his mental faculties;

3. Upon loss of his physical faculties;

4. Upon destruction of both upper limbs;

5. Upon destruction of total body volume;

6. Upon his uttersnce of the word “Tkle.”

Supposedly Safehold contains enough contingencies,

spells, and magical items to effect a safe

rescue of the sage of Shadowdale, should it be


Notes: Rare or very rare spell from the

F O R O O ” REALMS setting


Alright, this is not Elminster, this is Gromph Baenre. Unfortunately I haven't finished reading my Elminster books. However, I hope you can trust when I state that Elminster blows away any other mage in Forgotten Realms, and spells like this are well within his grasp.

This gives him the ability to see a few moments into the future. Gromph Baenre is a relatively skilled fighter, but he's not a top tier fighter by any means. However, with the use of this spell he can keep up with someone who surpasses him in every physical capacity, and is way way way more skilled than him.

This will last about ten minutes through the battle, and will be set up just before my character splits.


I can provide about a dozen or more examples of wizards using this. It's basic magical invisibility. However, without True Sight, or enhanced vision of sorts, there will be no way of actually seeing my character once this is created. Again, this is Gromph using it, but it's child's play.

This can be extended to last a full day. He won't be taking the shadow form described on the second page though, just enhancing it's duration to last a full day. He can set this up a dozen hours before the match.

Fire Shield

Alright, this will be cast on himself. Essentially, it renders him immune to all heat and cold based attacks. Additionally, it grants him some extra resistance towards attacks, about as much resistances an eighth inch steel plate would. Not a lot, but worth noting. Finally, any melee attack made against this shield will cause magical flames to rebuke against the attacker.

This lasts a good half hour or so, so he can set it up well before battle.

Multiplying, Dark Orbs, and Ability.

Weiss has the ability of Self Duplication, creating up to two copies of himself with his gear and baseline abilities. He also has the ability to conjure dark orbs (up to 5 at a time) and send them flying at his targets. In this video, he's going easy on his opponents, and forgoes using his two swords, and instead fights hand to hand at first, and then when the other two get series he pulls out a single katana, and uses punches and a few slashes. However, with his skill level he pretty much humiliates them.

2:07-2:28 - Weiss states he's going easy on these guys. One dark orb is enough to send Azul flying. Just so you know, Azul is someone who rips through reinforced steel doors like they're made of paper, and tanks attacks that can blow apart tanks. So this is a pretty powerful feat.

2:30 - 3:23 - Weiss is now outnumbered (4 of them, against 3 of him), but easily dispatches them anyway. These two are the best of the best other than him.

My character will use this just before the battle begins.

Materia and Equipment

Ring of Regeneration - Elminster is actually in possession of one of these. Gives him enough regeneration to reattach a leg in only a couple minutes, heal from minor wounds in seconds, and even force a dagger out of his own heart in less than a minute and heal the wound. Can bring him back from the dead if not removed after he's been dispatched. Here's Gromph's Ring, but Elminster does have one, as confirmed by http://www.realmshelps.net/npc/elminster.shtml

Several Trinkets of Defense - Without any equipment on, Elminster's natural durability is about as good as someone wearing reinforced steel armor. This will be further enhanced by Sesshomaru's base durability and resistances.

Eversmoking Pipe - Elminster's tobacco pipe can be smoked endlessly. He will have this for battle, because it's bada$$.

Mirrored Tensaiga - This was the specialty item I chose, so my character will have it.

Tokijin - Sesshomaru's blade throughout most of the manga/movie. Has a host of abilities.

The Fight

My character will be split when the battle beings.

The Mage

The first duplicate, and the main body will remain in back. His job will be to cast spells at your character. Spells like magic missile:

In order:

Acid Spray - Standard attack, if it hits it creates a corrosive acid to eat at an opponent

Black Blade - Perfectly thin 2D blade that is actually a rupture in dimensional barriers. Can cut through anything and is moved by my character's will, cannot exceed 120 feet from him though.

Dispel Magic - Can use this to destroy the ebony blade, will be used early on in the battle.

Finger of Death - Might not use this at all, I think it's outside tourney rules.

Force Bubble - Creates a barrier around himself, making anyone who cannot surpass his willpower incapable of entering the bubble.

Chain Lightning/Lightning - It's a bolt of magical lightning that can blow apart wooden shacks and carts with absolute ease.

Melf's Acid Arrow - Just like the previous one

Melf's Minute Meteors - Creates a bunch of fist sized meteors that can blow apart a 1 foot area of obsidian with ease.

Despair - Sends an opponent into grudging despair and makes them give up on life and fighting.

Prismatic Sphere - Causes insanity, fear, petrification, fire that can melt stone, lightning that can blow apart wooden carts, blindness, and a couple other effects in a 60 foot cone.

Magic Missile - Sends out 5 magical balls of energy that seek out their opponent and strike at them, completely ignoring all defenses. Standard spell in any wizard's arsenal.

The Fighter

The second duplicate will pursue your character in melee combat. Opening up with several powerful AoE ranged attacks.

He'll use both his weapons to send out godly amounts of AoE spirit attacks, and then move in to melee combat.

These are Inuyasha scans, don't have time to get the other scans:

As you can see, even blocking these attacks is not enough, as they project an energy that needs to be blocked as well.

The Dog

The last form will shapeshift. He drools acid, and has a few other delightful surprises.

He drools acid, that produces a poison smoke that is extremely lethal and also dissolves bones and acid.

I'll post more later if I have time, but that's a basic openning.

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay: Floopay get the win due to no battle presented by cosmically aware.

@cosmicallyaware1 I may need to make up numbers as a few battles never even started. Who ever get's back to me first of those who showed but didn't debate can have the slot

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@beatboks1: Is this still going on? Haven't received a PM about round 2.

Thanks for reading,


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