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Void Sentry, Doctor Manhattan, Silver Surfer, Fernus
  • Up to 4 characters in your team
  • No magic users, reality warpers, time warpers, speedsters or Squirrel Girl
  • No one stronger than Void Sentry (or Fernus, in case he's stronger than VS, not all too familiar with either's peak of abilities)
  • You team gets 1 day prep
  • Takes place in NYC, midnight
  • Everyone's bloodlusted as f*ck
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Void Sentry is possibly infinite in strength....





H/P Doomdsay

Thor if no Thanos

Bloodlusted, Parasite copies Thor/Thanos and Riot's powers and Doomsday's powers and then makes as many clones as possible (which is seemingly infinite) that all adapt and have Krypton-type strength and whatnot. Goodluck dealing with that army of people constantly adapting to you who can also drain energy and depending on if it's Thor or Thanos can just mess you guys up.

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Ex Nihilo- Considering where they are he could create an army of new humans and use them as a distraction, this won't last long so he will use his plant control and energy manipulation to help contain Void Sentry. (Note: Ex Nihilo took down Thor, Thor killed Void Sentry)

Abyss- Her ability to suggest minds would be able to control SS, she may also be capable of suggest ideas into the Void making the two of them working on my team. (while her power isn't telepathic, if you remember Mastermind was able to detain the Void. His power is telepathic in nature but isn't actually telepathy was able to suggest and control the Void for a period of time, therefore so could she).

Captain Universe- She would be able to maintain Dr. Manhattan long enough for the others to provide backup, however being that she is the universe it is most likely she is capable of reconstructing him. She could also destroy the others but would mostly work on stopping Manhattan and then Fernus.

Gah Lak Tus- he would take down Silver Surfer by either devouring him or taking control of him as well.

I would assume that the battle with Fernus would be hard, considering his control of his own molecular structure (which is however mostly revolving around his shapeshifting), but with Gah Lak Tus trying to devour his body and Captain Universe molecularly destroying him, the power would be too much and they would destroy him. This combined with help from a controlled Void and Silver Surfer would be incredibly overwhelming.

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My team:



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Captain Atom

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  1. Superman
  2. Armageddon Captain Atom
  3. New Sun
  4. Captain Comet
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Rune King Thor

Chaos War Hercules


Deadpool Herald