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I dare ya!

Corvo (Dishonoured)
Daguth Ur (The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind)
Lord Gwyn (Dark Souls)
Geralt (The Witcher)
Artyom (Metro)
Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

Kaptain K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country: Diddy's Kongs Quest)

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The horsemen brothers: War and Death

What else?

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Jedah Dohma solos.

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Asura solos.

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Real men use Pokemon. Mew, Mewtwo, and the latest addition v all.

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Demonbane or Pyron solos all of these characters universes at the same time.Demonbane one-shots all of their universes.

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Asura, Night terror (soul caliber), Shao Kahn (MK) and Sephiroth (FF8)

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In honor of the recent announcement of KH3: Sora


King Mickey

John-117 Master Chief

The Dovahkin

The Hero of Kvatch


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Lord Zetta, Pram, Alexander and the Overlords smashes them with the force of 1000 gods

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Solid snake (MGS4), Big Boss (MGS3), Deadpool (Deadpool) , Wario (Wario World) , Chris Redfeild (RE), Tarma (Metal Slug), John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)

Or if I really just wanted to like totally be unfair,

Death and War, Asura, Nito... Blablabla

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Link with the Triforce.

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The Nintendo Trinity.

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Diety Link.

One of the single most powerful video game characters in history

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@sherlock: Or him lol, in fact positive anyone in the Trinity could solo with the right gear.

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My DC Universe Online character, and my league members. We would absolutely destroy you. We have killed some of the most powerful villains/characters in the DC Universe with ease. We can handle your little team no problem.

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Asura Solos

War and Death. -Both Solo

Sephiroth Solos

John 117 - Master Chief. Solos

Arthas Solos

Arthur Solos

Doomguy Solos

The guy from Splatterhouse Solos

Akuma Solos

Jin [ Devil Gene] Solos

Team 1

  • The five people from Borderlands 2, All guns.

Team 2

  • Dantes Inferno
  • Dante Sparda

Team 3

  • The Hero of Oakvale. . Fable The Lost Chapters
  • Jack of blades [Fable series]
  • The Dragonborn cannon feats. . . .destroys mountains and stuff like that.

Team 4

  • Ryu Hayabusa [Ninja Gaiden]
  • Sonic
  • Alex Mercer [prototype]

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I'll be nice and not use totally overpowered guys:

Zero (Virtue's Last Reward)
Kiryu Kazuma
Zio (Phantasy Star 4)
Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth

Bayonetta is the big hitter on your team but one of Zero's virus smoke grenades should stop her being much of a threat, hell it'd stop most of your team. Zio Dark waves the Lord of cinder and then takes the rest of the riff raff out at his leisure.

@nerx said:

Lord Zetta, Pram, Alexander and the Overlords smashes them with the force of 1000 gods

That is just overkill.

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@rozalia: Replace with Maxwell from scribblenauts then

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Elder Gods from MK solo all

Asura can probably also handle this team

Probably Overkill I know...but he said Video Game characters.

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Team 1

Starkiller (Star Wars Force Unleashed series)

Crypto (DAH series)

Kratos (God Of War series)

Dante (Devil May Cry series)

Kessler (Infamous series)

Mordecai (Borderlands series)

Angel (Borderlands series)

Team 2

G-Man (Half Life series)

Alma (F.E.A.R series)

Slenderman (Slender, all Slenderman games etc.)

SHODAN (System Shock series)

Zexion (Kingdom Heart Series)

The Dark Presence (Alan Wake)

Baal (Diablo 2)

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i dont know if they win or not but this is my team

Team Name:Winter Claw








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Goku solos

Asura solos

Uka Uka solos

Any Zelda character with the triforce solos

Arceus solos

there are loads more besides but cba to list them.

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Id, the Demon of Elru (Xenogears)

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My team I'm gonna have to say:

Agent (crackdown 2)

Keller (prototype 2)

Fateless Hero (kingdoms of amalur)

Krieg (borderlands 2)

Hero (fable 3)

Commander Shepard (mass effect 3)

Grey (bulletstorm)

It might be OP cause it has Keller but I'm gonna stick with it.