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The Greatest Highered Guns

ONLY 4 CHaracters

1. Deadpool

2. Roronoa Zoro

3.Lobo (52)

4. Deathstroke (52)

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thanos solos

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Flash, Thanos, Ultimate Captain America, Son Wukong.

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Lol, I love there's no limits on who the enemy can be XD

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Ultimate Hawkeye, Grandmaster Luke Skywalker, Juggernaut, Blade

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@youngspawn: Might want to put up some restrictions mate.

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@youngspawn: No limits means that we can put up a huge number of characters who can all basically solo this team.

those are just the first ones that came to mind as well. I mean, we could be posting giant robots and god characters for crying out loud.

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I don't want to beat your team. :(

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@smxlr8: Only 4 comic characters that are not godlike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bobo fett, jango fett, ultimate Hawkeye, Prometheus

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Gene Starwind

Shichika Yasuri

Mikumo Kushinada

Tatsumi - Akame Ga Kiru

Would be fun to watch ^.^ Hired Guns v. Hired Guns, Couldn't quite find a good MU vs deadpool or Lobo though.

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Black Adam

Professor Zoom

Monkey D. Luffy


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Using only street levelers to make this a bit more fair. If it is a fight to the knockout and or incapacitation and not to the death (lobo and deadpool cannot die) then I have some confidence that my team can do it.

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killua,gon,vergil(devil may cry) and iron man(extremis)

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My team: Bulsseye (Pre-Marvel Now),Cheshire and RoseWilson (New 52) and Cardiac