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The Countless Swords appears as a ball of blue flesh the size of a small moon. It also has many tentacles extending from it, each one weilding a sword. These are the swords of the many brave warriors The Countless Swords has defeated. The creature grows a new arm every time it gets a new sword.

In Combat

In combat The Countless Swords is a formidable foe. It attacks with millions of blades at once, each one moving with incredible speed and precision. The creature seems to be able to "see" with it's tentacles, and is aware of everything around them. It will not parish in space but is not very durable. Meteors crashing into it can severley injure it, and it almost died once when a planet exploded with it on it. It does however have a sort of regeneration where it absorbs organic matter and converts it into new body mass. It uses the bodies of fallen warriors to make it's new sword arms. It also converts all living things on planets it conquers into part of the main body, leaving planets lifeless and barren. It is also noteable that the creature seems to be immune to telepathy.


You may have a team of up to four moon busters or below.

No one intangible or who would be immune to the swords.

Three days prep.

No one you obviously shouldn't use.

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Did everyone just go:

"No pictures? This thread sucks!"

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Deadpool, James Heller, Alex Mercer, and WB Hulk

My team cuts/smashes there way to the middle, then destroys the core

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Nick Fury, Batman, and the Green Lanterns. They can make him leave the Galaxy with peace.

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@joewell: Isn't WB Hulk way past moonbusting?

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@racob7: He did blow up a planet with red she hulk in a fight.

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@mrsnazzyglasses: Nick Fury and Batman get shish kabobed and one Green Lantern stomps.

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@racob7: Yeah, but i think my team can still win with normal hulk

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@joewell: Hulk alone could probably win.

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For anybody who didn't recognize my pic. That would be Bankai Yamamoto from Bleach.

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Manchester Black

Alan scott

Iron man(bleeding edge/extremis)


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Master Roshi he can destroyed the moon and took UZI bullets to head without a scratch and don't think normal swords can hurt him.

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Night wing , Ben 10, Spongebob, John Marston

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Sayan Saga Piccolo

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Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern John Steward.