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No one above Earth sized planet level durability or destructive capacity.

No reality, time, or matter benders.

No prep.

For the first five minutes of the fight Arthur is simply sizing up your character to see what they can do. After that he means business, but will show mercy if your character has a pure heart.


An old man named Rorik Clyde was walking through the Tall Woods when he ran into trouble, a group of ruthless bandits. They began to threaten the old man, who backed up against a boulder. The boulder began to quake and animals began to panic. The forest seemed to be shaking apart. The boulder eventually stopped quaking and split clean in half. Standing between the two halves was a naked young boy who appeared to be between eight and ten. The bandits scattered, and the boy simply squinted at the sunlight and took deep breathes. Rorik, after almost having a heart attack, managed to calm down enough to thank the boy for saving his life. The boy said his name was Arthur, and that he had no memory of ever not being inside his boulder. He did, however, speak the common tongue and knew what things were called. Rorik took the boy in and gave him his last name. As Arthur matured, Rorik noticed he was nothing like a normal human being. He had incredible strength, could walk up to wild animals without them running away or feeling threatened, could read people's emotions and know their intentions just by looking at them, and seemed nigh indestructible. Rorik and Arthur had many adventures, but Rorik was eventually killed when he stood up to a man robbing a store and was killed. It had then been about twelve years since Arthur had first appeared, and he was now grown. He had started aging very slowly at this point, and wandered the world for several ages. He eventually joined a group of men with equally unusual talents, and they soon accepted him as their leader. He now considers them family, and they fill the hole that Rorik left behind.


Strength- When he punches as hard as he can the force of the blow can be felt on the other side of a continent, and the impact can wipe countries off the world. He could not quite destroy the world in his normal state, but he could certainly destroy civilization and possibly all life as we know it. He can also jump very high, and almost fly by jumping long distances.

Charge- By straining his muscles, he can raise his strength to immense levels. The problems with this is that it takes a long time, he's in unbearable pain the entire time he's doing it, can't move while he's doing it, and it only raises his strength and not his durability. Too much power could kill him, and it becomes harder to control the more he amps it up. he often refrains from using this power, and will only use it as a last resort. He once charged for five days and then completely decimated an army of lesser gods, each one at least a moon buster.

Speed- Arthur once ran at full speed and made it from one pole to the other in about an hour. His combat speed is not nearly as fast, but he has been able to match Flintlock, who can land about 500 punches in a second.

Reform- If Arthur is somehow dismembered or blown apart, he can reform fairly quickly. This only works if his flesh wasn't completely destroyed. If it is, he can remake it out of dirt or clay, but this my take months.

Heat- When he is enraged or in great pain, Arthur gives of unbearable heat. He once became so angry that he burned an entire city to ash with his rage.

Lungs- His lungs can hold enough air for him to hold his breath for several days. If he blows air out, he can create hurricane force winds.

Poison resistance- He is almost immune to poison and venom.

Will- He can resist telepathy.

Hypnotist- He is a master of hypnotism, but is not truly telepathic. He can only use the power of suggestion and his natural charm. This power is often underestimated, but he can make you forget your name or want to kill someone with a gesture and a few words. This only works on people with low willpower and a human mind of course.

People reading- Arthur can look at your body language and know what your thinking and what your going to do. He can also practically read your thoughts in this way, and is almost telepathic. Unlike telepathy, however, this cannot be blocked unless he can't see you well enough to read your movements. He can use this to anticipate his foe's next move or win a game of poker. He also knows how to hide his emotions from people who also have this skill.

Eating- He can eat and digest almost anything, but will not magically get any benefits from eating things that wouldn't benefit a normal human.

Animals- He can communicate with animals, but only on their level. He cannot talk to an ant like it has the mental capacity of a human. This lets him get some animals to fight for him. It is notable that this power only works on animals from our world.

Skill- He knows my universe's equivalent of Krav Maga, and fights with many holds and grapples He can disarm opponents easily and overcome people much more powerful than him.

Good- He is pure and good in spirit, and this protects him from some attacks.

Location of fight:

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Bump. Please comment, I've worked hard on this character.

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Hulk WB but with the same power he used during most of the WWH

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superman, but hes probably against the rules

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@racob7: I don't think it's possible considering the restrictions and your characters abilities...

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@racob7: "No one above Earth sized durability or destructive capacity", and your character seems to be on these levels of power. Considering he can resist telepathy, read the opponents moves, his strength seems to be at continent and moon busting levels, his speed is faster than anyone's speed that it is not a speedster, he can reform, and other abilites.

I can't think of anyone who can tank a moon busting hit who isn't Earth level durability, speedsters can keep away from him, but can he not react to the Flash trying to hit him? If he can then I can't think of anyone...

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Your character has no resistance to this form of attack.

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@pope052: He's not a moon buster in his basic form. His punches are more like very powerful earthquakes. The point of Arthur is his powers let him face foes much stronger than him. Last Stand Arthur (the one that charged for five days) would probably stomp Superman with force alone though.

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I think the TOAA might have a shot if he's wearing his lucky socks. Other than that Batman could win with prep.

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@i_like_swords: Tell me Batman's strategy. Arthur stomps the most overated character ever until you can.

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@racob7: He'd probably put down some trip wires then handcuff Arthur after he fell. If not he'd have something up his batsleeve. Batman in a Destructostomp.

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as far as i can honestly tell world breaker hulk could do this but he is probably against the restrictions. your restrictions automatically take your character out of the fight though.

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@racob7: ( he's being sarcastic i think )

People i think could beat him:

My OC Port-Master ( see thread ), Sun Portal to the heart while he's being " tested "

Thor, He could match Arthur in speed, strength, and durability. And he could use his lighting to burn his skin off

Wonder Woman, Lasso of Truth plus around = stats

Sue Storm, put a force field in his brain

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I stomp.

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Since someone has taken Sue Storm (def would take him) I will say Flash, he could rattle his body to pieces. Game set match.

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Peter Petrelli at the height of his powers.

Thanks for reading,


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Iron Man?