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616  Beast versus Ultimate Doc Ock  


Both have 3 Days of Prep. 
Morals; Off. 
Winning: KO Or Death. 
Battle Place: The Central Park. 
They are a block away from each other. 
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@BladeWade: Doc Ock with three days of prep

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Beast in three days creates a machine to sever the ties between Ock and his tentacles, leaving him a normal man with some heavy machinery on his back. He then proceeds to *ahem* win.

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This could go both ways, I would side with Doc Ock

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Beast, since the morals are off. One punch would be enough to kill Doc Ock.

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Ock rips Beast's limbs on by one..

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Morals on, i would have given it to Dock Ock, as he hasnt died in all of the story arcs he was involved with. :( But, Morals off...that is something completely different. Beast would be a terrible enemy to have, especially if he is of a malicious mind. That kind of physicality meshed with all that intelligence would be too much for Dock Ock, IMO. Beast FTW! 7/10

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Oh hey I posted on this over a year ago.

I was right then too.


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Probably Ock.

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Ock destroys him.

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Doc Ock humiliates him.

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Beast is better with prep; Otto is the better combatant.

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I would think beast would have a tough time getting inside and Otto could probably pin Beast down with two arms and beat him with the other two. Although I'm not quite sure what either would come up with for prep. Beast could come up with some serum or gun to neurtralize the arms and Doc Ock could come in with veterinarian equipment to neuter beast. :\