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What say you?


Legion of Super-Heroes #06
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Beast Boy

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Chameleon Boy feats?

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Beast Boy hands out a romping

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I don't recognize the Beast Boy image. Is this Garth??

Things may have changed post Flashpoint but pre Nu52 Durlans had much greater durability. They can survive in deep space, when they travel space in fact it is in organic ships formed from their own bodies. They also survive in the most hostile environment in the DC universe. Basically their world was laid to waste in a nuclear war and is a radioactive waste land that they evolved to survive. Durlans have literally evolved to survive anywhere and anything. In Invasion it was even shown that they could take on Daxamites and Kryptonian level beings. If Durlans are still this durable I fail to see what Beast boy is going to do to harm one.

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@beatboks1: This is Garth from the New 52.He is red now because he is connected to the Red and that is from The Ravagers.

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Gar is short for Garfield, not Garth. 
I agree with Beatboks, though.  Durlans should generally be more powerful than Beast Boy and though Beast Boy probably has more skill than your everyday Durlan, he shouldn't have more skill than Cham, especially since most original Legion stories are back in continuity but all of Beast Boy's adventures are out of continuity, giving Cham far far more experience than Gar.  On a good day, Beast Boy turns into some crazy monster.  Cham does that on a normal day.