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The fight takes place in a large Grocery Store.  
No people are inside.
Random encounter.
Both Batwing and Freeze have standard gear. 
Standard winning conditions. 
The distance between them is 22 ft. away. 
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I'd be inclined to favor David, but it can go either way.  The location and distance limits his flight advantage and neither have especially impressive accuracy feats, but David's variety of tech (rapid fire weapons, weapons with spread/splash damage) makes him more likely to land a tag first in my eyes.  It'll make him slightly more mobile in this setting and his assorted weaponry will likely bypass Freeze's armor.  Even if Freeze does tag 'Wing, it's possible that armor and its equipment has the means to break him free before Freeze can take advantage of the situation.  It would be entertaining, but David seems to have more ways to win at his disposal.

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@matchesmalone21: Well, what are your thoughts?
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I think Batwing has a chance, but it could go either way.

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@k4tzm4n: Well For me both has an edge. Batwing because of the fligth and Mister Freeze because his accuracy, but I think Batwing should win because his weaponry can pass throught Mr. Freeze armor (if this is not the armor he used to fight with Superman in No Man's Land)

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@matchesmalone21: This is New 52 Freeze and it was a brand new armor.  It would stand no chance against someone like Superman, especially since a strike with an escrima stick (courtesy of Nightwing) fazed him.
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I honestly think it can go either way, but more than 5 times out of ten, Freeze should win. The place is so compact, that David's mobility would be severely limited, and ice powers are best in closed spaces. Batwing has to use his stealth, and martial art abilities he learned as a soldier if he wants to win.

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@k4tzm4n:Sorry I didn't seen it. I think Batwing can win this,but not easily,because Mr. Frezee rays seems to be improved more than in the previous universe,seen his struggle with Starfire

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Mr.Freeze would give a helluva fight to David but he would eventually lose.