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Batwing & Batman


Deadpool & Bullseye


Morals on

standard equipment

Street of new york, unpopulated, 100m away, insight

Who wins and why?

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I doubt Batwing would last long against either Wade or Lester... it quickly becomes a 2 vs 1 fight. Team Deadpool FTW

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Team Deadpool.

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Can't make an educated desicion as I don't know much about Batwing but if Batman is better than him (very likely) then team Deadpool takes a desicive majority. As Dp would take a majority over Bats and Bullseye would probably be a 50/50 toss up so if he isn't as good as Batman he's a weaklink.

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Batman team FTW...Batwing have a clearly advantage with his armor, and Batman has gadgets and superior martial arts skills than Deadpool and Bullseye

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Team Batman.

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Deadpool and Bullseye.

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Seems pretty even so far..

Batwing is being underestimate.. does anyone have a few feats for Batwing?

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I say team dead pool. Dp is just too unpredictable and would probably the brunt of the attacks while bullseye hangs in the back with his perfect aim

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Batwing could potential solo

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