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batman,captin america,deathstroke,nightwing,winter soldier,daredevil,moon night,union jack,iron fist,ezio,altiar,coner,catwomen,black widow,punisher, task master bulls eye, duke (g.i.joe), green arow, hawk eye, and black panther no teams fight to last man standing out doors about five square miles of land and there all spread out... who dies first who lives

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Batman or Deathstroke should win with prep.

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Moon Knight or Deathstroke

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Iron Fist, though I know little about the recently updgraded Black Panther. Deathstroke would have a shot.

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Iron fist if theres no prep

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it's either Taskmaster or Batman

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Deathstroke, Taskmaster, Iron Fist and Black Panther are potential winners