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Batman v.s. Master Chief v.s. Captain America v.s. Spider-Man v.s. Wolverine!

Captain America wins this in my opinion!

Location: Danger Room

Master Chief: Energy Sword, Pisol, and SMG Rifle

Spider-Man: current

Batman: utility belt and his regular Bat suit.
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you have cap beating spiderman? that would be impressive since spidey can lift 25 tons and is much quicker than cap. does master chief get his weapons? and batman gets his utility belt?

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Yeah i'll edit how and where the battle takes place!

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well i dont know much about master chief but in another thread they thought he could beat cap one on one. so he has to at least be a threat to cap. and of course he has the weapons. batman might have nerve gas or some knockout gas that would take down cap and spiderman early in the fight. if that happened i would say master chief would beat batman. but if spiderman didn't go down to some adhesive, gas, or acid that batman would have on him, i would think spidey would win. he can knock out any of them with one punch.

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If the combatants are just dropped in to the room, I think that Spiderman may win it. He is the stronger (by far), has a good ranged entangle weapon, has the capacity to dodge attacks from the other combatants reasonably easily and he can climb the walls to provide at least some tactical advantage on angles of attack - and to get out of the way to take a breather. Spideys endurance also will permit him to still be going at full pace when most if not all of the others are having to rest.

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I think batman would win

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I'd say Spiderman's more likely to win with Batman and Captain America tied for second most likely.

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Master Chief with ease