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This fight will be a four way between some of the most epic men that ever lived Gorge Washington vs Andrew Jackson vs Abe Lincoln vs Teddy Roosevelt

First fight Melee weapons Gorge gets a dragon katana Andrew gets a metal bow staff Abe gets his famous ax and teddy gets two machetes

Second fight Gun battle they all get a random assormet of assult rifels

final fight holding nothing back they will use guns knives swords axes whatever wepons are revelvent to them

last man standing at the end of eatch round wins

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abe lincoln would destroy them all

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Abe with ease.............

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@othus12 said:

abe lincoln would destroy them all

George Washington's dragon katana would destroy Abe's axe.

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Round 1 : Abraham Lincoln stomps. If you take the Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter movie/novel into account he has excellent hand to hand combatant. The others have fought in wars but they don't have nearly as much experience as Abe. (also in the novel he is turned into a vampire and has lived for over a century killing evil vampires, granting him another advantage in melee combat)

Round 2 : Considering any of them even know how an assault rifle works, I'd say Franklin Roosevelt with movies and history in a mix in his advantage. Franklin is the most recent president, which will know how the weapon actually works, or at least close to how it works. Plus in the Night of the Museum movie series, he is a living statue that also walks around with more recent statues/monuments/clay figures, etc. that may have current weapons. That will make him know the weapons more and kill the other patriots.

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I would say Abraham Lincoln, because he was a wrestler.

But George Washington was so epic that when the Indians tried shooting at him, he had 3 horses fall from under him, with dozens of bullet holes in his hat and coat.

The Indians(or American Natives i should say) were so fearful of him, they said "Do not attack him! For he is blessed by the Great Spirit!"

True Story.

Plus George Washington was a skilled and honored General and Tactician, trained fully in the military arts, rifles and swords. He would adapt quickest to Assault Rifles. :D

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I'm going with Jackson.  He was a super hardcore guy and fought several duels.  I think he'd be much more familiar with actual weapon usage than Washington or Lincoln, and much more battle-hardened than Teddy.

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And here I go thinking Lex Luthor vs Jack Hawksmoor...

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George Bush. More technically advance weapons.

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Does anybody really know anything about Teddy? he stomps here, Rough riders FTW

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No...because he keeps losing them....(although he makes great speechs)

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1. Teddy Roosevelt

2. Abraham Lincoln

3. George Washington

4. Andrew Jackson

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I can't believe I'm commenting here...but Teddy Roosevelt. I don't think there was a fight the man ever backed down from. Unless Vampire Hunter Abe is a legit arguement here.

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  Lincoln should win.  
 For current presidents: 

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@TheAmazingImmortalMan said:

@TheSpiderSilva said:

Teddy is probably the manliest thing to ever walk this earth (also a black belt in BJJ and a championship boxer).

Read this:


Your balls may feel a little smaller after reading it.

I was gonna say Abe but I'm going with teddy after reading that, he was a badass

So true, he was like a real-life Captain Price.