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A very wealthy and powerful man is recruiting mercenaries able to accomplish his task. He secretly arranges meetings with 7 different characters, telling them about the mission and their rewards. However, he's omitting the fact to every mercenary that he has met with another 6 but one.

The Mercenaries and their tasks are:

Deathstroke (of course ;D): Kill the president of the Fan Shuing enterprises, cut his wig and bring it to the "Boss"

Deadpool: Kill the president of the Fan Shuing enterprises, cut his wig and bring it to the "Boss"

Taskmaster: Kill the FS president and take a picture with him, then bring it to the boss.

Lady Shiva: Bring the FS President alive to the "Boss" location.

Black Widow: Bring the FS President alive to the "Boss" location.

Deadshot: Bring the FS President alive to the "Boss" location.

Snake Eyes: Kill the other Mercenaries and bring the President alive to the "Boss" location.

The President's bodyguards: Hawkeye, Wolverine, Lady Shiva (Daken), Quicksilver (Gambit) and Punisher.

The Task must be completed within 2 days exactly, not earlier, not later... Which gives the mercenary 1 day and 12 hours to prep.

The President is staying in this place:

Which one would be the winner of the reward? The most creative and elaborated answer gets a cookie :)

Do not read until writing down your thoughts ;)

The true motive of this task is to cast the blood bath world wide and make a lot of money. O.o!

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Deathstroke, Deadpool, Taskmaster and Black Widow achieve their goals

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@dondave: No they can't... :) but nice try.

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I think Deathstroke is the only one that would complete the task. His preparation is on par with Batman. Lady Shiva and QS would have to be the first to go down though.

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@monsterstomp: @dondave: I guess you didn't get the OP. The OP suggests all the Mercenaries will act at the same time. I hope you've seen Smokin' Aces... Its a similar scenario. With this said, tell me who and how....?

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It's gonna come down to deathstroke and taskmaster

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@ghostravage: Well in that case, Deathstroke. Deathstroke kills the President, then has an interesting fight with everyone. 9 people are pretty much protecting the president. When the president dies how many people will stick around? Deathstroke can take TM and DP with a days prep.

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None get the job done imo.His bodyguards are to formidable & adding Quicksilver just makes it way too hard imo.

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@the_red_viper: @chaos_prime: This is a scenario where alliances and treason gets involved. They can surely manage to accomplish his tasks however, they will only be able to do so if they improvise in the middle of the heat. Cmon guys, i know you can come with a very creative solution. ;)

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@ghostravage: Maybe one of them will be able to convince Shiva to betray the other bodyguards. Purple Arrow probably won't want to hurt Black Widow. I don't see Wolverine, Punisher or QS betraying their employer and/or the other bodyguards. However, there is a chande that an alliance between Deadshot and 1 or 2 of the other mercs would work, with Deadshot providing sniper support while the other merc/mercs deal with the bodyguards. I think Deadshot would want to work with someone else who's trying to get the president back alive, and considering Snake Eyes' goal is to kill the other mercs, I think he'd choose X23 and/or Black Widow. Then it's up to them to kill each other, because after all, there's only one winner.

Though I still think QS is arguably too much of a problem for them, Deadshot would be able to shoot him before the fight even begins, which still leaves Wolverine and his healing factor to deal with.

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Alternatively, a cooperation between Deathstroke, Deadpool and Taskmaster could work. I think Deadpool should provide sniper support on this one, because Deathstroke and obviously Taskmaster are the two superior combatants of the three, plus Punisher and Shiva (and wolv) are better than him, even though he's got his ridiculous healing factor that makes him pretty much immortal. I think Deadpool should get rid of QS first, then Purple Arrow, and if he can get Shiva and/or Punisher (or even the president) before they take cover, all the better. That would make the fight easier for Deathstroke and Taskmaster, and working together I believe they can beat Wolv.

And once again it falls to a free-for-all between the three mercs (assuming they would win). It's a really, really, really tough call between those three. Like I said before, Taskmaster and Deathstroke are both deadlier than Deadpool imo, so the ultimate choice would be either of them. It's a really tough call, but as much as I love Deathstroke, my money's on Taskmaster. Deadpool will obviously try to take on Taskmaster (or Deathstroke) after his healing factor will bring him back to life, but I still don't think he's good enough. Not to mention that there's a very good possibility that Taskmaster/Deathstroke would make sure Deadpool is safely locked somewhere after the fight's done.

Plus, the moment the president is dead, it eliminates any chance the other mercs had to win this. But I'm pretty sure they would at least try to get back at Taskmaster (or Deathstroke), which would make his life much harder. Snake Eyes won't even have a reason to try and kill Deadshot/Widow/X23 anymore, unless killing the other mercs earns him half the prize or something.

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Deathstroke Deadpool and Taskmaster are outnumbered and quickly killed. Out of the rest, Deadshoot can't really do anything against a guy going at Mach 10, X-23 isn't really that great and neither is Black Widow.

Take out Quicksilver and it becomes much more interesting.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: Yea, Quicksilver seems a little too much.

Changed Lady Shiva for Daken and Quicksilver for Gambit... How is it now?

Btw: Remember all the mercenaries know about the bodyguards.

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@ghostravage: I think that would make it much harder for my Deadshot+Widow+X23 team, but not too much harder for the Deadpool+Deathstroke+Taskmaster (harder, yes, but not by too much).

It was all based on sniping Quiksilver first, so he wasn't too much of a threat. Gambit wouldn't pose that much of a problem for the mercs imo, especially Deathstroke+Taskmaster. But Daken would. Lady Shiva is definently one of the best martial artists in the DCU (and maybe even the best) but she was just a human with no superpowers. Taskmaster plus Deathstroke, or Widow plus X23 would have taken her. But Daken is, well... Daken. He would make it way harder, especially when his old man is around as well. *sigh*, healing factors...

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The person most likely to complete this is Deathstroke IMO.

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@ghostravage: This is a cool idea for a thread. Nice work.

Anyways, I think this is going to come down to prep work and who can make the most out of there prep when things go bad. With that said, I think the best preppers are Deathstroke, Deadpool, and Lady Shiva. The Snake Eyes assassin killing everyone throws a wrench in everyone's plans too. That is going to make all of the assassins have to change their plans. I think Deadpool will have the best shot after this. His prep work can be insane and sometimes genius at the same time. His ability to improvise is impressive too. I think he would come up with a ridiculous method that confuses everyone else while he sweeps in to take the prize.

That's just one scenario. I could probably think of one for all of them to win. This would be an awesome comic series.

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@tparks: I can actually see Deadpool pulling something like that off.

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@tparks: Thank you, it is supposed to be a bridge to creativity. :D